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Kassensysteme, Barcode-Scanner, Magnetkartenleser, RFID-Technik, Touchscreen Monitore, Kiosksysteme, Spezialtastaturen
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 EOL articles
 The following articles are "End of Life" products and cannot be delivered anymore:

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 Date Item-No Item Successor
  03.06.2019 adslock206 (99019.165-0006) Anker replacement lock, closure 06 adslock06
  18.06.2019 cit302l (CMP30IIXUXCL) Citizen CMP-30IIL, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), CPCL, USB, RS232
  07.06.2019 cit801lsw2 (CTS801IIS3NEBPLL) Citizen CT-S801II, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, display, black
  21.06.2019 dlgrikitrs (GD4110-BKK20) Datalogic Gryphon I GD4110, 1D, multi-IF, kit (RS232), black
  29.04.2019 dlcab375 (90A051490) Datalogic KBW cable
  07.05.2019 dlcab375 (90A051490) Datalogic KBW cable
  23.05.2019 dlcab373 (90A051470) Datalogic KBW cable
  23.04.2019 dllynx-8 (944400005) Datalogic Lynx, 1D, BT, Wi-Fi, 3G (HSPA+), QWERTY, GPS (EN)
  29.04.2019 dl890001717 Datalogic spare part
  29.04.2019 dl890000723 Datalogic spare part
  12.07.2019 elo15e2psu Elo power supply elo15e2psu2
  16.07.2019 elo15e2psu Elo power supply elo15e2psu2
  22.07.2019 elo15e2psu Elo power supply elo15e2psu2
  17.06.2019 elostand9-1 (E796783) Elo Wallaby Self-Service stand, Countertop
  07.06.2019 eps2155180 (2155180) Epson power supply, ColorWorks C3500
  23.05.2019 epson5000pu (C31C249012PU) Epson TM-H 5000 II, powered-USB, cutter, white
  05.06.2019 epson5000pu (C31C249012PU) Epson TM-H 5000 II, powered-USB, cutter, white
  03.07.2019 eps500a (C31CB49300) Epson TM-L500A Ticket, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, Dual-IF, dark grey
  10.07.2019 eps500a (C31CB49300) Epson TM-L500A Ticket, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, Dual-IF, dark grey
  24.05.2019 epsonr88sswnt (C31C636366) Epson TM-T88IV ReStick, RS232, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, black
  29.05.2019 intck65-6 (CK65-L0N-CMN110G) Honeywell CK65, 2D, EX20, BT, Wi-Fi, num., Android intck65-13
  29.05.2019 intck65-8 (CK65-L0N-BSC110G) Honeywell CK65, 2D, SR, BT, Wi-Fi, alpha, Android
  04.06.2019 hwpm42cut (50131528-001) Honeywell cutter, kit
  13.06.2019 hwpm42cut (50131528-001) Honeywell cutter, kit
  08.05.2019 tt1640 (1-970649-27-0) Honeywell, thermal transfer ribbon, TMX 2010 / HP06 wax/resin, 60mm, black
  27.06.2019 idn4700fsam (905324) Identive CLOUD 4710F, USB idn4711f
  04.06.2019 iiyt1532srs-3 (T1532SR-B5) iiyama ProLite T1532SR-B5, 38.1 cm (15''), black
  13.05.2019 mobaband (30003) Mobilis arm band, for smartphone and HHD (4-6 inch) mobarmband
  07.05.2019 mobscrmx3 (690R-PRO-IK6C25K2D-D) Mobilis screen protector, pack of 5
  11.06.2019 BOP224 (55057-40326) Receipt roll, thermal paper, 58mm
  26.06.2019 rotherm60m (55060-40702) Receipt roll, thermal paper, 60mm
  02.07.2019 rot8040af (55080-10018) Receipt roll, thermal paper, 80mm
  05.07.2019 rotr8080m (56080-70002) Receipt roll, thermal paper, 80mm, pink
  04.07.2019 sgbtaapp (BTA-APP) Seagull BarTender 2019 Automation, application license
  25.06.2019 sgbteb2 (BTE-2) Seagull BarTender 2019 Enterprise, application license, 2 printers
  09.05.2019 starpoppb (99250330) Star PopPack
  09.05.2019 tscal3rbt2 (99-048A013-00LF) TSC Alpha-3R, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), EPLII, ZPLII, CPCL, USB, BT tscal3rbt2-uk
  26.06.2019 tscmb240w (99-068A003-0302) TSC MB240, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), RTC, EPL, ZPL, ZPLII, DPL, USB, RS232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi tscmb240t
  17.07.2019 tsc344mt TSC TTP-346MT, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS232, LPT, Ethernet
  09.07.2019 sytc55boot (SG-TC55-BOOT2-01) Zebra boot
  08.05.2019 sytc20hstrap (SG-TC2X-HSTRP1-01) Zebra hand strap sytc20hstrap2
  10.05.2019 sytc20hstrap (SG-TC2X-HSTRP1-01) Zebra hand strap sytc20hstrap2
  02.07.2019 z3600stand (STND-AS0036-07) Zebra Intellistand
  28.05.2019 symc93-31 (MC930P-GFEGG4NA) Zebra MC9300 Freezer, 2D, ER, SE4850, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, 5250 Emu., Gun, IST, Android
  01.07.2019 tt0573 (800012-141) Zebra ribbon, YMC tt0264
  03.06.2019 zwarl10-3 (L103XDEF) Zebra service
  03.06.2019 zwarl10-3c (Z1AE-L10WXX-3C00) Zebra Service, 3 years
  13.06.2019 z49099m (49099M) Zebra Spare part
  25.06.2019 z43766m (43766M) Zebra spare part
  02.07.2019 z49237 Zebra Spare part
  15.07.2019 z57464 Zebra spare part
  15.07.2019 z57482 Zebra Spare part
  15.07.2019 z57171 Zebra Spare part
  16.07.2019 z43140 Zebra spare parts
  05.07.2019 sytc51-4 (TC510K-2PAZU4P-A6) Zebra TC51, 2D, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, PTT, Android
  03.07.2019 systylus-2 (KT-73440-01R) Zebra tether, pack of 3
 You will find more EOL articles in the CSV file.

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