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Printronix Auto ID
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Leading global provider of thermal printing and barcode validation solutions

Printronix Auto ID is a leading global provider of thermal printing and barcode validation solutions for businesses. Founded in California in 1974 as Printronix, the printer vendor has over 40 years of experience in the design, development and production of thermal label printers. In 2004, Printronix launched the first commercially usable UHF RFID printer.

About Printronix Auto ID

In November 2015, TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. acquired the Printronix thermal/AIDC business. Since then, Printronix Auto ID has been part of the TSC Auto ID Technology family and is one of the five leading thermal printer vendors in the world. The printer portfolio complements TSC's rapidly growing printer line. The products are developed in the USA and built at the company's own production facilities in Taiwan and China.

Printronix Auto ID focuses on designing and building reliable, easy-to-use thermal printers and barcode validation solutions. The company's engineering team consists of experts with decades of experience in innovative thermal printing technology.

Printronix Auto ID printers use the exclusive Printronix system architecture. They are known for their user-friendliness, flexibility and durability, as well as advanced features, such as ODV barcode validation, RFID and remote printer management tools. You will find the vendor’s innovative products in Fortune 500 and global companies around the world - and, of course, at Jarltech. Just ask your sales representative.

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