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Extended warranty period for SUNMI L2 series mobile computers!

SUNMI has extended the warranty period for its Android mobile computers L2,

SUNMI has extended the warranty period for its Android mobile computers L2, L2H and L2KS up to 3 years – so that your customers benefit from the strong performance even longer! 

The L2 is very robust and optionally available with or without an integrated 1D/2D scanner. As a result, it offers high operational readiness and a very good price-performance ratio. The L2H is an intelligent mobile terminal with OCR-enabled scanner. It is ergonomic, reliable and offers a user-friendly interface for easy operation. Designed for one-handed operation, the lightweight L2KS captures even hard-to-read and DPM barcodes with its professional scan engine. 

Benefit from the extended warranty period and order the SUNMI mobile computers L2, L2H and L2KS with your sales representative! Call now.

The price is TOUGH – TOUGHBOOK G2!

Get it now: Until the 31st of December 2023, you can get the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 at a one-time special price!...

Get it now: Until the 31st of December 2023, you can get the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 at a one-time special price! In addition, you will receive 3 years of ProTect PLUS free of charge with every TOUGHBOOK G2 ordered until the 31st of October 2023! 

The next-generation Windows rugged tablet is designed specifically for frontline workers. It is adapted to the fast-paced, ever-changing and demanding conditions and is equipped with high-resolution screen technology. The 10.1" WUXGA outdoor display is low-reflection, easy to read outdoors, has a patented rain mode and is glove-compatible. Other features include a 4,360 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of runtime (optional 6,300 mAh), a large selection of interfaces and an optional smart card or RFID reader. 

What are you waiting for? Order the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 now at a special price from your sales representative! 


* The promotion is valid until the 31.12.2023 only for resellers in Europe and only for models of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2. Until the 31.10.2023, resellers will also receive 3 years of ProTect PLUS free of charge with the purchase of each TOUGHBOOK G2. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts or project prices. Panasonic reserves the right to amend or terminate the promotion at any time without notice or cause.

New Zebra scanners SP72-V and SP72-H now available!

New in the extensive Jarltech range: The new Zebra scanners SP72-V Vertical Scanner and SP72-H Horizontal Scanner....

New in the extensive Jarltech range: The new Zebra scanners SP72-V Vertical Scanner and SP72-H Horizontal Scanner. Both devices set new standards in versatility, reliability and adaptability. Zebra DataCapture DNA software makes managing them a breeze, and upselling opportunities open up new business opportunities. 

Learn more about the new scanners from Zebra: 

SP72-V: Versatility and ease of use 
• Supports 1D, 2D, Digimarc, paper and mobile barcodes 
• Intelligent lighting minimises eye strain and enhances ease of use 
• Optional colour camera and audible feedback 

SP72-H: Integration and reliability 
• Zero-footprint design facilitates integration into existing systems 
• Supports 1D, 2D, Digimarc, paper and mobile barcodes 
• Optional: Sapphire or diamond-like quality glass coating 

Order the new Zebra SP72-V and SP72-H scanners now from your sales representative!

Get it now: Great Citizen summer discount on selected CL-S700II models!

Seize your chance now and order selected CL-S700II models from...

Seize your chance now and order selected CL-S700II models from Citizen with a great summer discount – but hurry, the promotion only runs until the end of September!* 

With the great summer discount promotion from Citizen, you save from the first unit on when you buy the CL-S700II. The CL-S700II industrial label printer prints in either direct thermal or thermal transfer mode and achieves print speeds from up to 254 mm/sec. at a resolution of 203 dpi. Its robust metal housing meets all the requirements of an industrial environment and ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation. 

Order the Citizen CL-S700II now with a big discount with your sales representative! 


* The promotion is valid until the 29th of September 2023, while stocks last, on selected Citizen CL-S700II SKUs only: cit700dt2, etd21482, etd2148e3, etd21822, etd21802, etd2180e3. Discount applies to list price and will be added to standard reseller discounts, but cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts or project pricing. Citizen reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time without notice.

Now new: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Enterprise Edition – made for big tasks!

Your customers are ready for a fresh breeze in the company and are looking for inspiration?...

Your customers are ready for a fresh breeze in the company and are looking for inspiration? Then introduce them to the new Samsung Android tablet Galaxy Tab S9 Enterprise Edition now! Its 11" Dynamic AMOLED touchscreen display shows all content intensely with high brightness, strong contrasts and vivid colours - even in direct sunlight. In addition, it uses various productivity apps such as Samsung Notes, is also ready for use in wind and weather and is equipped with a graphics-strong Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy Octa-Core processor. And that's by far not all! 

Order the new Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S9 Enterprise Edition with your sales representative! Call now.


Buy ColorWorks printers now and secure a total warranty of 3 years!

The Epson color label printers of the ColorWorks Serie stand for outstanding print results with hlong durability. Convince your customers of the Epson ColorWorks printers: From the 11th of September to the 31st of December 2023, your customers will receive a 2-year warranty extension free of charge when purchasing the Epson ColorWorks C6000/C6500 and C7500/C7500G printers in addition to the 12-month warranty. So they will print labels for at least 3 years without any worries!*

Old for new: huge discount on Zebra Tablet Trade-up Promo!

Your customers are still working with old tablets and long for more performance? Get them excited about selected Zebra Enterprise Tablets with outstanding performance – you can get them at a strong discount of up to 30% with the Zebra Tablet Trade-up Promo until the 01st of November 2023!*

Offer added value to on-demand colour label printing and save!

Are you looking for the Epson ColorWorks C3500 colour label printer for your customers, but it’s sold out everywhere? Then we have the perfect offer for you: order the ColorWorks C4000e series with a sensational discount instead and offer an even better performance – but be fast, the offer is strictly limited!*

Order the Epson TM-T20III now with a great discount!

Order the Epson TM-T20III now with a great discount! 

Order four units of the Epson TM-T20III receipt printer now with a great discount1 - while stocks last!

Secure great discounts when buying Elo monitors now!

Take this opportunity to get a great discount* on popular Elo touchscreen monitors until the 30th of September – we have them in stock!

Earn bonus points with the Zebra Essentials Promotion

As a member of the Zebra Rewards Program, you now receive bonus points with your sales of selected Zebra products – two simple options make it worth your while!*

Trade in old printers and save even more with your new ones!

Honeywell's Print Trade-in promotion is your opportunity to order selected Honeywell printers not only at a reduced price, but with a tangible extra discount – don't miss this opportunity!*

Big discount on Honeywell product with Quick Quote registrations!

With Honeywell's Quick Quote promotion, you now get an additional discount at Jarltech when you buy scanners and mobile computers of selected Honeywell product families, as well as various services and accessories for short-term projects.* Do not let this chance pass you by!

Replace EOS printers and get the Zebra price advantage!*

The Zebra label printers of the Xi4 series go end-of-service this year – take the opportunity and inspire your customers for the powerful successors, the Zebra industrial label printers of the ZT600 series (ZT610, ZT610R, ZT620, ZT620R), with a fantastic discount!

Zebra Rewards – Being a partner pays off!

Performance must be worthwhile again? Zebra agrees with you: that's why the manufacturer has launched the Zebra Rewards Bonus Programme!

Get to know the new webshop!

Hurray, the new Jarltech shop is online!
The new Jarltech shop is online! With a fresh design, we offer you lots of new features that make ordering and much more even easier! 

Get to know some of the new features of the Jarltech shop: 

Greater success in label printing the Label Club and Epson C3500 bundles

Greater success in label printing the Label Club and Epson C3500 bundles

Do you know what you were missing? Waterproof labels at our best Label Club prices which, combined with the Epson ColorWorks C3500 desktop colour label printer, enable you to utterly impress your warehouse and logistics customers.

Old for new: big discount when exchanging Zebra printers!

Old for new: big discount when exchanging Zebra printers!


After the very successful printer trade-up special offer, Zebra is permanently implementing the Printer Trade-Up Program. You benefit from a discount of up to 62% when you replace your customers' old thermal transfer or direct thermal printers with new Zebra printers.*

This is worth It! Order the Zebra TC52/TC57 and get an extra rebate!

Order the innovative Zebra touch computers TC52/TC57 with an extra rebate* 
Zebra is running an incentive for the TC52/57 mobile computers until the 30th of September 2023. You may be eligible for an extra rebate as this offer applies to both new and existing projects with a valid Price Concession (PC) or Deal Registration (DR).


Citizen Printery Orchestra Microsite Banner
Citizen Printery Orchestra

Raise the curtain for the unique Citizen Printery Orchestra. What’s so special about it? The entire ensemble consists of receipt and label printers - which not only play a special note on the big stage, but also at the POS. Listen to our printer concert and get to know the Citizen printers in the Citizen Printery Orchestra! Learn more on our Citizen Printery Orchestra Microsite.

Datalogic Handscanner Microsite Banner EN
Datalogic handheld scanners are great in every area

When Datalogic was founded in 1972, no one could image just how much the company would change the business world and simplify data capture. Now, nearly 50 years later, the great handheld scanners and scanner technologies from Datalogic have become indispensable. Get to know all the handheld scanners for the POS, industry and healthcare on our Datalogic handheld scanner microsite!

Datalogic Captain Datalogic Microsite Banner
Super-heroic software service

Learn more about the great benefits of the »Datalogic Shield« software service from Datalogic. It protects your customers' mobile computers with regular security updates and provides them with support throughout their life cycle. A super service that pays off - extended device lifetime, reduced investment costs and comprehensive protection against security risks. Learn more on our Captain Datalogic Microsite.

Diebold Nixdorf Portfolio
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE POS-Systeme

Diebold Nixdorf offers a vast choice of super-functional kiosk systems and information terminals for customer interaction in retail and gastronomy environments. Discover the great portfolio on our microsite.

Elo Microsite
Elo Touch Solutions

As the inventor of the touchscreen and global leader in touch technologies, Elo manufactures and markets a full range of interactive displays and monitors, plus offers various technologies. To see the complete portfolio, please visit our Elo vendor page.

Getac Select Microsite Banner
A configured Getac product with just a few clicks

With the Getac Select Program, it only takes a few clicks to configure the perfect Getac tablet and notebook to meet your customers’ needs! A comprehensive range of pre-defined configuration options, sorted by industry and user group, provides a quick overview of the Getac devices. Try it now! Learn more on our Getac Select Microsite.

Getac Unbeatable Microsite Banner
Getac Unbeatable

Getac's robust tablets and notebooks are simply unbeatable! Get to know the devices on our microsite »Getac Unbeatable« for different application areas and learn how to take Getac tablets and notebooks to the next level with Getac software .

Honeywell Lets Print Microsite Banner
Honeywell label printers

Among many other printer vendors, Honeywell label printers are a real alternative. And all that you need for great, smart, fast labelling. Get to know the smart Honeywell label printers from their best and most interesting sides.

Honeywell 2D4U Banner
Honeywell 2D4U

Fast and reliable capture of damaged and hard-to-read barcodes is an impossible task for many scanners – but not for Honeywell 2D scanners! Thanks to their innovative technology and extremely fast reading speed, they are ready for any mission. Learn more about the super-innovative scanners on our Honeywell 2D4U microsite.

Samsung Knox Microsite Banner
Samsung Knox

Samsung stands for extremely secure software and powerful hardware. For more information on the Samsung Knox security platform and Samsung's extensive Android mobile device portfolio, please visit our  Samsung Knox Microsite.

Zebra Tablets Microsite Banner EN
Zebra Tablets - Made for everyday heroes

Whether in production, transport & logistics, in the field or in-store retail – true everyday heroes are found in nearly every area. And as you know, every hero needs a helpful sidekick. What could be better suited for this job than the powerful and robust tablets from Zebra? On our Zebra tablet microsite you will find the entire tablet portfolio from Zebra and will most definitely find the right sidekick for your customers!

Zebra Warehouse Microsite Banner
Zebra makes you want to work in the warehouse

When you look at a warehouse from the inside, the first things you see are boxes, cartons and high racks, certainly a forklift truck and, of course, hard-working people. However, what else do you see when you take a closer look? Exactly: Zebra! Zebra's innovative products simply belong in every warehouse! Learn more on our Zebra Warehouse Microsite.

Zebra Healthcare Microsite Banner
Zebra – a strong partner for healthcare

In the healthcare sector one thing is particularly important: time! To ensure that medical staff have time for patients, Zebra offers a large portfolio of reliable devices with easy initial start-up and operation. On our Zebra healthcare microsite you will find all the products clearly sorted.

Zebra DNA Microsite Banner
Zebra DNA – The Heart of Intelligent Hardware

Get to know the benefits of Zebra DNA: Zebra DNA brings out the best in Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers. It optimizes the hardware. This translates into lasting change and evolution in Zebra mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers - for even greater efficiency and productivity wherever they are used.

Zebra TC21/26 Microsite Banner.
TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers

Flexible through the daily work routine in small and medium-sized companies: With the versatile Zebra mobile computers TC21 and TC26 this is really easy! Discover together with Professor Kleinstein the work-saving devices on our microsite TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers.

Zebra Hospitality Microsite Banner EN
Zebra Hospitality Microsite

In no other sector is service as important as in hospitality. Those who rely on Zebra improve team communication, save time for both employees and guests alike and streamline processes. Simply because Zebra makes everything easier! Learn more on our Zebra Hospitality microsite.

Zebra PFA Microsite Banner
Zebra products for all microsite!

Zebra mobile computers and tablets are popular in all work areas. No wonder, because they stand for great technology! Get more out of your workday now and discover the extensive Zebra portfolio on our Zebra products for all microsite!

Zebra Service
Zebra Service

In addition to comprehensive hardware, Zebra offers you strong service offerings, such as VisibilityIQ. It provides deeper, data-driven insights into Zebra mobile devices and consistently strong performance. Learn more now at!


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I am proud of my team! This time I don’t mean the team from Jarltech, but the team from our restaurant »Uwe & Uli – Zuhause bei uns«. The gastronomic guide »Frankfurt geht aus« from the Journal Frankfurt and the Genussakademie awarded us first place in the category »Rhein-Main – feine Küche (exquisite cuisine)«.

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