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Elo Touch Solutions
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Inventor of the touchscreen

Elo is a global leader in touch technology. The company manufactures and markets a full range of touchscreens, touchmonitors and touchcomputers for virtually every need in retail, hospitality, research and medical, industrial and more.

About Elo Touch Solutions

Founded more than 50 years ago, Elo quickly made a name for itself with the invention of touch technology. Since then, users all over the world swear by Elo touchscreen systems with their outstanding technical features and simple use. The portfolio includes various displays ranging in size from 17.8 cm (7'') to 161 cm (65'') with different housing variants and in diverse equipment versions, reliable touchmonitors, and powerful Android touchcomputers. Plus, Elo offers smart solutions such as Elo Edge Connect, Elo View, Elo Access and the Elo Care service. 

To ensure that its touchscreens, touchmonitors and touchcomputers meet your customers’ various demanding requirements, Elo fine-tunes the design and features of each of its products. Comprehensive peripheral options for multi-functional desktop solutions, particularly resistant touch technologies and specially certified variants cover a broad range of applications.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people choose Elo touch products: With more than 25 million systems installed worldwide, Elo has always stood for quality, reliability and innovation. To ensure that you always meet your customers' demands for such high-quality systems, we have nearly all versions available for you in stock!

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