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Career guidance at Jarltech

We were honoured to host a career guidance session for Rotary yesterday for a local high school at our Event & Training Centre. I didn't think it would be so much fun to answer questions and give advice, together with a panel from other sectors. The students asked very good questions indeed.


Jarltech and Eintracht Frankfurt

On this big day, I can't think of much else but Eintracht Frankfurt. Today is the first Champions League round of 16 in the club's history. Why is Jarltech a partner of Eintracht Frankfurt? We simply fit well together. Everyone plays in the Champions League in their own field. Everyone in the team stands up for each other.


Hello, 2023

I am looking forward to 2023. I hope it will be a little easier than 2022. All in all, 2022 was good. Despite the many challenges, Jarltech increased its order intake by an even 10% to approximately 825 million euros. We added some promising new manufacturers to our product range, hired more employees and apprentices and rented new space in addition to our campus.


Jarltech – A look back at 2021

Just like at the beginning of every new year, I would like to share our business performance with you. Our incoming orders grew by +79% to 750 million euros (approximately 880 million USD). Due to the large backlog caused by the delivery situation our turnover was somewhat lower. At the Jarltech core: We are now 420 employees strong.


Price increases don᾿t have to be the devil᾿s work

When it comes to prices, our industry has mostly known downward movement. Suddenly prices are increasing for many vendors. So what? Well, we make more turnover and the absolute margin goes up. Even vendors who (despite massively increased freight costs) are somehow still increasing their gross margin (according to the stock market report), are increasing their prices.