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Checkout innovation at the burger joint!

Ulrich Spranger | CEO

Jarltech Europe GmbH

CEO Ulrich Spranger

We are delighted to have opened our burger joint »Uwe & Uli – Nebenan bei Freunden« today. The goal is to create a lower-priced offering in Usingen alongside our fine dining restaurant. And apart from that: we just wanted to open a burger place. However, since there is already a shortage of staff in the restaurant and the job market seems to have been swept clean, it was clear that no more than one person should work there.

However, since we also want to serve many students, we have to accept cash. Therefore, we needed an ordering terminal where the customer can order and also pay in cash. This was not easy to find. We had to put a lot of brainpower into it, together with partners, and now the system works. And it works so well and so fast (unlike some fast food restaurants where it takes forever to order) that we are really proud of our system. Of course, there is a kitchen monitor, a pick-up monitor and everything else that is needed. Anyone who wants to have a look at it is welcome to do so at any time. 

Let's hope that we will sell enough burgers now.

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