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CipherLab - Brings intelligence to your business
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Global provider of AIDC technologies

CipherLab is a leading global provider of AIDC technologies for a wide range of industries. The company specialises in the development of scanners and mobile devices that simplify and accelerate business processes in retail, hospitality, field service, transport, logistics and warehousing.

About CipherLab

Since its foundation in 1988, CipherLab Co. Ltd. has been developing, manufacturing and marketing its products and systems for the AIDC sector. CipherLab operates worldwide and has its headquarters in Taiwan. Subsidiaries and partners are located in various regions in EMEA, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and China.

CipherLab is committed to providing the highest quality AIDC products and services. The manufacturer’s portfolio includes mobile computers based on Windows and Android which offer greater freedom of movement and enable precise data capture. The barcode scanners – linear imager, 2D imager or laser – are versatile, flexible and affordable and offer long-lasting added value. RFID readers effectively reduce the time required for data capture and processing and significantly improve the efficiency of asset management and item-level tagging. In addition, CipherLab software specially developed for application development is available. This enables the devices to be quickly adapted to existing workflows and easily implemented in web-based processes.

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