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Ratiotec - Get connected
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Efficiently handle cash
As one of the leading companies, ratiotec offers an extensive choice of formidable products with which banks and retail are able to efficiently handle cash. For system vendors and resellers from the POS branch the devices from ratiotec are a logical complement to their own product lines: regardless whether for counting of change or bank notes, or immediate, automatic testing of acceptable bank notes, ratiotec devices present high efficiency and certified security.
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About Ratiotec

Since its founding, the company, located in the heart of the Ruhr region in Essen, has been developing innovative products for the secure handling of money. Whether in retail or chain stores, banks or casinos – you will find the optimal products for your needs with us – »Design and Engineering in Germany«. Our philosophy: higher quality standards, functional design, sustainable service and professional consultation.

As provider, using ratiotec hardware you ensure reliable and high-margin products for your customers. Through the sophisticated design each user immediately and intuitively handles the products – expensive training or time-consuming instruction is unnecessary in most cases. This saves your customers time and money and is only one of the many selling points for ratiotec hardware.

At Jarltech you get ratiotec hardware directly from stock from an official distributor. Along with the immediate availability, we of course offer you free demo devices for testing and presentation uses. Speak with our sales representative!