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Metapace - POS Hardware
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Professional POS hardware
With Metapace we deliver you a powerful brand for professional POS hardware and peripheral devices. Unrivalled first-class performance and features are its outstanding characteristics. Immediate availability for use, as well as delivery in an all-around carefree package at favourable prices are the decisive factors that make choosing the proven Metapace products easy.
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About Metapace

Regardless of whether professional printers for POS, gastronomy and industrial applications, or barcode readers in a top design for trade and logistics – high quality, proven hardware for long-term, successful usage await you in any case. Almost all the accessories that you require for immediate use are included standard. They expand the functionality at the most cramped workstations and additionally offer users high ergonomics. Extensive tools for the care and protection of the devices are included standard in the scope of delivery with Metapace products, giving you a broad array of applications and maximising the lifetime of your products.

Metapace hardware always wins customers over in direct comparisons, when – along with reliable functions – the durability and performance of the scope of delivery and the security of work tools are the deciding factors, such as in trade, banking or the manufacturing industry. Moreover, the sophisticated design and easy installation always pays for itself in all other applications as well. Considerations of investment security and the total cost of ownership inevitably bring the name Metapace into play when professional POS hardware with first-class features is needed.

Of course, you get Metapace products from Jarltech directly from stock. You can expect a top price/performance ratio and powerful, first-class equipped hardware from Metapace. The long standard warranty periods already give you high security. Complement this with straightforward Jarltech services and you will be able to relax satisfied and carefree. Regardless if you choose a warranty extension, advance replacement service or comprehensive coverage insurance, you get the necessary coverage from us at the best conditions without complicated procedures, usually with only one click in addition to your order.