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RFID transponder technology
Everyone is talking about the advantages that come with RFID and transponder technology. Time and attendance control as well as access control are perfect applications for this kind of proximity data capture. Jarltech offers now various Promag RF transponder devices for professional applications. Jarltech is the exclusive distributor in Germany for Promag RFID hardware.
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About Promag

Promag is the leading Taiwanese manufacturer of RFID technology and Auto-ID hardware. Promag offers an incredibly wide range of devices ready for various applications and areas at outstanding hardware quality. The implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) at Promag makes defects extremely rare and improves the durability of their products significantly compared to many rival products.

Jarltech has included a large selection of Promag time and attendance as well as access control products in various versions. This includes simple door locks, fixed-installation time clock terminals and even portable RFID tag readers for security surveillance in industrial manufacturing sites or other security applications. All devices are usually available from stock and delivered within 24 hours.

With Jarltech you offer your customers our extended services – as with all products you can extend the warranty for Promag products with an optional Advance Replacement Service. If one of the devices fails within the warranty period, we will replace it immediately – your customer only sends back the original device after receiving our replacement.

Not only contactless data reading and writing is an RFID advantage – you have an enormous selection of tags at your disposal: they are available as writeable or read-only versions in various shapes, such as cards, chips or key-ring pendants – even screwed onto objects or walls. In order to make the adaptation to this new system easier, many Promag devices optionally include readers for magnetic and smart cards or barcodes.