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Hersteller APG Trust at every point
APG - Trust at every point
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Hersteller APG Leading manufacturer of POS peripherals
Leading manufacturer of POS peripherals
More than 40 years ago, apg began equipping the retail and hospitality sectors with high-quality cash drawers. Today, the company sells SMARTtill technologies and is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of cash management solutions and POS peripheral devices.
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Reliable cash management solutions from apg
About APG

A cash drawer from agp provides many years of smooth, trouble-free service with nearly no downtimes. Even preventive maintenance is not necessary. Whether your customers run a local café or are a multi-national fast-food retailer, apg knows that they cannot afford to have any interruptions at the POS. That’s where the reliable apg cash management solutions come into play, minimizing cash losses, reducing costs for cash handling, enhancing productivity in businesses and improving daily processes for employees.

No matter if your customers choose a custom-designed or general-purpose cash drawer, or even choose a product that enables a mobile shopping experience, apg places great value on security and reliability, as is reflected in their company motto »trust at every point«. Plus, the company offers more products in grocery, retail, convenience, hospitality and filling stations than any other manufacturer of cash drawers – the right product for everyone is there.

Jarltech offers you a comprehensive selection of apg cash drawers directly from stock. This also includes a large selection of accessories, such as replacement tills, lockable till lids, under counter mounting brackets or coin cups.