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Colormetrics - Innovative POS systems
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POS projects in retail and hospitality

A POS only needs to be functional – this point of view is found practically everywhere. The brand manufacturer Colormetrics, however, advocates a change in perspective: naturally, reliable hardware is the key to successful long-term POS projects in retail and hospitality, but the appearance of the POS plays just as important a role.

About Colormetrics

Quality and individual configuration: Colormetrics specialise on POS systems which receive top scores in both categories. After all, those who not only wish to convince customers, but rather thrill them, must equally meet the demands of long-term performance and excellent visual appearance. POS systems from Colormetrics combine technology with design and ensure for delighted dealers and customers.

For many customers, the POS is an important feature of their own boutique, bar or restaurant, since it is often the first thing buyers and guests notice. Colormetrics offers anything but grey plastic monotony, but surprises with POS systems that capture the customer’s gaze, while at the same time masters all challenges at the highest level.

Anyone who wants more than just the average therefore chooses Colormetrics. The POS systems of the brand manufacturer may be colour-matched, expanded with a wealth of accessory options and completed with own logos, if needed. The result: a point of sale as unique as the people who work and shop with it.

Colormetrics demonstrates how important – and worthwhile – it is to change perspectives, not only with its portfolio, but also with an innovative and humorous marketing campaign. It invites you to change your perspective on everyday life – which suddenly surpasses itself and becomes something completely new.

The innovative Colormetrics POS systems are available exclusively at Jarltech, directly from stock, along with straightforward premium services and technical support.

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