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PrehKeyTec - Input Matters
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German manufacturer for data entry systems
PrehKeyTec special keyboards and reading devices provide solutions for all professional applications. No matter whether they are used at the cash desk, in restaurants, in medical and industrial applications, for identification or access restrictions – the PrehKeyTec devices offer the highest ergonomics, flexible configuration and high reliability for years to come. Jarltech is an official distributor for PrehKeyTec in Europe and delivers you not only the complete line of keyboards, but also supplementary PrehKeyTec peripheral products, usually directly from stock.
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About PrehKeyTec

PrehKeyTec is a German manufacturer for specialist data entry systems. The company has long experience and great know-how in the sector of high-quality keyboards and reading devices for point of sale applications.

The PrehKeyTec portfolio offers you a wide range of products at attractive price tags, so that you are sure to find the right device for your corresponding application. This also includes keyboards with cleanser-resistant glass surfaces, magnetic stripe readers, OCR or RFID readers, a touch pad, a fingerprint sensor, etc, as well as document readers and stand-alone readers. Additionally, you obtain suitable accessories directly from us, which partly expand the functionality of the device significantly.

Only with Jarltech can you offer your customers PrehKeyTec products with an added value: as with all products you can extend the warranty or buy an optional Pre-Exchange Service. If your customer experiences failure of the device during the warranty period, we will send him a replacement immediately. The defective unit has to be sent in only after the replacement has arrived.