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Citizen CL-S700III – 3rd generation industrial label printer

Citizen has once again succeeded in making its successful CL-S700 label printer even more powerful!...

Citizen has once again succeeded in making its successful CL-S700 label printer even more powerful! The new CL-S700III offers the proven user-friendliness and functionality of its predecessor as well as additional features that further speed up and simplify the printing process. It is available with a print resolution of 203 dpi (300 mm/sec. fast) or 300 dpi (250 mm/sec. fast) as well as an optional rewinder and peeler. It also has an LCD touch colour display and a stand-alone form function for creating special format or variable labels. 

Order the new Citizen CL-S700III now with your sales representative!

New: The Getac ZX10-EX is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres!

The Getac ZX10 is particularly popular in industrial environments....

The Getac ZX10 is particularly popular in industrial environments. Now, the ZX10-EX is available with ATEX and IECEx Zone 2/22 certification for use in the public sector or industrial high-security areas. This makes it absolutely rugged and even suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres! What's more, it is certified to IP66 and MIL-STD-810H and can withstand drops from a height of up to 1.8 metres. And that was just the protection against external influences, the tablet is also technically impressive. Get to know it now: to the ZX10-EX

Order the new Getac ZX10 with ATEX now with your sales representative!

Increased performance for the Zebra WS50 – new accessories for more comfort!

The compact All-in-One Android mobile computer WS50 for the hand, back of the hand or fingers is a proven stock...

The compact All-in-One Android mobile computer WS50 for the hand, back of the hand or fingers is a proven stock favourite, convincing with powerful scanning technology and a comfortable design. Now Zebra has gone one better and is offering new accessories that allow you to customise the WS50 even better to the individual needs of your customers. The new wrist mount, specially tailored to the needs of retailers, opens up new and exciting sales opportunities for you. There is also a new, versatile clip holder. 

Fancy even more Zebra technology?
Then discover other portable Zebra devices such as the powerful RS6100 ring scanner. It weighs just 57 grams and is equipped with a 480 mAh battery and the SE55 scan module with IntelliFocus. This enables it to capture barcodes at a distance of 5.08 cm to 12.2 m. 

Ask your sales representative now about the new accessories for the WS50 and other portable scanners from Zebra!

Star mC-Label3 – Linerless printer for various linerless labels

The new mC-Label3 direct thermal printer from Star produces a wide range of linerless and lined labels, including high-adhesion, permanent, semi-permanent, die-cut,...

The new mC-Label3 direct thermal printer from Star produces a wide range of linerless and lined labels, including high-adhesion, permanent, semi-permanent, die-cut, continuous and repositionable ReStick labels. It features SteadyLAN and TetherLAN technology for optimal connectivity with tablets and mobile devices, supports 4G/5G and offers a one-touch function. This allows label designs to be saved at the touch of a button. And that's not all. If you want to know more, ask your sales representative or click here: to the new mC-Label 3

Order the new mC-Label 3 linerless printer from Star now with your sales representative!

The TH/DH series from TSC are taking the label printer market by storm!

The new TH/DH series from TSC offers the right model for every need....

The new TH/DH series from TSC offers the right model for every need. They are available as 2" and 4" models for manufacturing, retail, transport, logistics and optionally for the healthcare sector. They all convince with a high-precision print quality and a maximum print speed of 203 mm/sec. at 203 dpi. They also support a wide range of label types and sizes and offer automatic printer language emulation for almost all industry requirements. 

Discover the powerful desktop printers now: 
TH/DH220 Series – adaptable 2" desktop label printer 
TH/DH240 Series – low-maintenance 4" desktop label printer 
TH/DH220THC Series – 2" desktop label printer for medical environments 
TH/DH240THC Series – 4" desktop label printer for the healthcare sector 

Order the printers directly with your sales representative!

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Great opportunity for high margins: Datalogic Skorpio X4 and Falcon X4

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Offrez une impression de tickets rapide et de haute qualité tout en économisant de l’argent !

Vous recherchez pour vos clients des imprimantes à tickets de la plus haute qualité à un prix imbattable ? Alors vous êtes à la bonne adresse chez Epson, le fabricant d’imprimantes PDV no 11 ! À l’achat de modèles sélectionnés des imprimantes populaires TM‑T88VII et TM‑m30III, vous bénéficiez désormais d’une remise supplémentaire exclusive pour chaque appareil commandé – mais soyez rapide, l’offre n’est valable que pour une courte durée !2

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Get to know the new webshop!

Hurray, the new Jarltech shop is online!
The new Jarltech shop is online! With a fresh design, we offer you lots of new features that make ordering and much more even easier! 

Get to know some of the new features of the Jarltech shop: 

Plus de succès avec les étiquettes grâce au Label Club et à l'Epson C3500 !

Savez-vous ce qu'il vous manque ? Des étiquettes imperméables aux meilleurs prix de notre Label Club qui, en combinaison avec l'imprimante desktop d'étiquettes ColorWorks C3500 d'Epson, vous permettent d'étonner vos clients de l'entreposage et de la logistique.

Du vieux pour du neuf : des remises importantes avec l’échange d’imprimantes !

Du vieux pour du neuf : des remises importantes avec l’échange d’imprimantes !


Suite au grand succès de son action de remplacement d’imprimantes, Zebra a mis en place le programme Printer Trade-Up permanent : lorsque vous remplacez une vieille imprimante thermique direct ou transfert thermique de n’importe quelle marque contre une neuve de la marque Zebra, vous bénéficiez d’un rabais de jusqu’à 62 %.*


Code Read
Honeywell 2D4U

Fast and reliable capture of damaged and hard-to-read barcodes is an impossible task for many scanners – but not for Honeywell 2D scanners! Thanks to their innovative technology and extremely fast reading speed, they are ready for any mission. Learn more about the super-innovative scanners on our Honeywell 2D4U microsite.

Citizen Printery Orchestra
Citizen Printery Orchestra

Raise the curtain for the unique Citizen Printery Orchestra. What’s so special about it? The entire ensemble consists of receipt and label printers - which not only play a special note on the big stage, but also at the POS. Listen to our printer concert and get to know the Citizen printers in the Citizen Printery Orchestra! Learn more on our Citizen Printery Orchestra Microsite.

Datalogic Captain Datalogic Microsite Banner
Super-heroic software service

Learn more about the great benefits of the »Datalogic Shield« software service from Datalogic. It protects your customers' mobile computers with regular security updates and provides them with support throughout their life cycle. A super service that pays off - extended device lifetime, reduced investment costs and comprehensive protection against security risks. Learn more on our Captain Datalogic Microsite.

Getac Select Microsite Banner
A configured Getac product with just a few clicks

With the Getac Select Program, it only takes a few clicks to configure the perfect Getac tablet and notebook to meet your customers’ needs! A comprehensive range of pre-defined configuration options, sorted by industry and user group, provides a quick overview of the Getac devices. Try it now! Learn more on our Getac Select Microsite.

Getac Unbeatable Microsite Banner
Getac Unbeatable

Getac's robust tablets and notebooks are simply unbeatable! Get to know the devices on our microsite »Getac Unbeatable« for different application areas and learn how to take Getac tablets and notebooks to the next level with Getac software .

Zebra makes you want to work in the warehouse

When you look at a warehouse from the inside, the first things you see are boxes, cartons and high racks, certainly a forklift truck and, of course, hard-working people. However, what else do you see when you take a closer look? Exactly: Zebra! Zebra's innovative products simply belong in every warehouse! Learn more on our Zebra Warehouse Microsite.

Zebra Healthcare
Zebra – a strong partner for healthcare

In the healthcare sector one thing is particularly important: time! To ensure that medical staff have time for patients, Zebra offers a large portfolio of reliable devices with easy initial start-up and operation. On our Zebra healthcare microsite you will find all the products clearly sorted.

The Heart of Intelligent Hardware
Zebra DNA – au cœur de l'équipement intelligent

Découvrez les avantages de Zebra DNA: Zebra DNA fait ressortir le meilleur des terminaux mobiles, des scanners et des imprimantes de Zebra. Elle optimise le matériel informatique. Cela induit continuellement des modifications et des développements des terminaux mobiles, des scanners et des imprimantes de marque Zebra – pour encore plus d'efficience et de productivité partout où ils sont mis en œuvre.

TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers

Flexible through the daily work routine in small and medium-sized companies: With the versatile Zebra mobile computers TC21 and TC26 this is really easy! Discover together with Professor Kleinstein the work-saving devices on our microsite TC21/TC26 Zebra mobile computers.

Zebra Hospitality Microsite Banner EN
Zebra Hospitality Microsite

In no other sector is service as important as in hospitality. Those who rely on Zebra improve team communication, save time for both employees and guests alike and streamline processes. Simply because Zebra makes everything easier! Learn more on our Zebra Hospitality microsite.

Datalogic Handscanner Microsite Banner EN
Datalogic handheld scanners are great in every area

When Datalogic was founded in 1972, no one could image just how much the company would change the business world and simplify data capture. Now, nearly 50 years later, the great handheld scanners and scanner technologies from Datalogic have become indispensable. Get to know all the handheld scanners for the POS, industry and healthcare on our Datalogic handheld scanner microsite!

Zebra Tablets Microsite Banner FR
Les tablettes Zebra : conçues pour les héros du quotidien

Qu’il s’agisse du secteur de la production, des transports et de la logistique, du service sur le terrain ou du commerce stationnaire – des héros du quotidien vous attendent dans presque tous les secteurs d’activité. Et comme il se doit pour un véritable héro, il leur faut le soutien d’un sidekick. Qui mieux que les puissantes et robustes tablettes de Zebra serait capable de remplir cette fonction ? Sur notre microsite dédié aux tablettes Zebra, vous trouverez la gamme complète et certainement aussi les compagnons parfaits pour vos clients !


The world's smallest chef gives a guest performance in Usingen

It's finally back on: Our 3D projection dinner show »Le Petit Chef« will be back in our restaurant »Uwe and Uli« ( from the 11th of October 2023 to the 30th of April 2024. Personally, I always have fun enjoying delicious food with a bit of a show. Come by sometime – it's also great for Christmas parties with up to 20 people.