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Getac - Always connected
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Robust mobile computing solutions
Getac is one of today’s leader in robust mobile computing solutions and has more than 30 years of rugged innovation knowledge and a strong proven track record in multiple industry sectors. The Taiwanese manufacturer is independently developing and producing robust notebooks, tablets & software solutions designed to meet the challenges of mobile workers.
About Getac

Getac is currently the second largest rugged manufacturer in the world, with over 9,000 employees, more than 20 operations worldwide, and a revenue of US$ 987 million (2020). Global successful projects, with large numbers of items put to use in the most different circumstances, confirm the high performance and robustness of these professional devices. Vertical markets range from defence & security to public safety, industrial manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, field service, automotive, transportation and logistics.

Getac offers a high standard of quality and flexibility for integration opportunities, as it fully owns the design and delivery process. From design to production, Getac's rugged computers for industrial use are strictly controlled to meet the strictest international industry testing and independent certification standards. Getac products are so rugged they are able to work in any environment.

Getac products are designed for high performance at critical moments and help users achieve more in innovation and excellence. They are the first to introduce features such as the revolutionary LumiBond technology that offers an anti-reflection and high brightness panel, the LifeSupport hot-swappable battery technology for uninterrupted power supply and a filter-free night vision technology which complies with MIL-STD-3009.

Furthermore, Getac’s industry-leading standard warranties for fully rugged products go beyond what you might expect. Bumper-to-Bumper is THE hassle-free guarantee, supported by the rapid repair and return by Getac’s in-house experts. With accidental damage now included in 3 or 5 year warranty packages for fully rugged devices, users are assured their units will be back up and running without the worry of additional cost or extended downtime.

You receive these rugged and semi-rugged notebooks, as well as the incredibly robust tablets directly from stock at Jarltech. Numerous devices are immediately available, including the accustomed high speed and service offers (which are profitable for you).

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