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Panasonic Connect TOUGHBOOK
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Designed to withstand

Panasonic Mobile IT Solutions is one of the leading vendors of robust notebooks and tablets. In 1994, the company presented the first TOUGHBOOK: the CF-41. It was designed to withstand vibrations, drops, humidity and splash water, extreme temperatures and rough handling. For more than 25 years now, the term TOUGHBOOK has been a trademarked brand name for Panasonic Corporation’s line of robust computers – it stands for particularly robust notebooks, 2-in-1 devices, tablets and handhelds that prove their true strength in challenging situations and in IT-adverse conditions around the world.

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About Panasonic Connect TOUGHBOOK

TOUGHBOOK devices are designed for significantly lower failure rates than standard business laptops, which results in less downtime, lower repair costs and a reduced total cost of ownership. They are used in many sectors, including construction, fire, police and security, emergency services, healthcare, manufacturing and oil & gas, as well as telecommunications and utilities.

The TOUGHBOOK »fully ruggedized« models are protected against the ingress of dust and water according to their IP certification, plus they meet MIL-STD-810 requirements.

The housing of the TOUGHBOOKs are made of magnesium alloy, which is very light and has much higher strength than plastic housing. Many current models feature moisture- and dust-protected liquid crystal displays (LCD) which are specifically designed with extra luminosity for worry-free daylight readability. Plus, a spring suspension protects the screen and absorbs falls. TOUGHBOOK hard drives are shock-proof embedded in a newly developed material that offers first-class impact resistance properties.

To ensure that Panasonic remains true to its own quality standards, the company uses primarily in-house manufactured components in TOUGHBOOK devices. Every shape, every function and every feature is developed and manufactured by Panasonic itself - this is the only way to guarantee the genuine TOUGHBOOK quality standard.

TOUGHBOOK devices ensure more safety in usage and thereby, lower failure rates. They increase both device and employee availability – saving costs. An average of 4-5 years of service life, as well as long product life cycles, also speak in favor of TOUGHBOOK usage. Thanks to their modular design, the computers may be configured according to the requirements, are equipped with security solutions such as Microsoft Secured-Core PC and are incredibly flexible, thanks to exchangeable batteries, hard disks and much more. Various carrying options and vehicle installations are also available, as well as comprehensive service with a three-year standard warranty. In case of repair, customers get their devices back within 96 hours. 

At Jarltech, you receive TOUGHBOOK notebooks, tablets and handhelds together with the corresponding accessories from your sales representative.