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Worldwide leading manufacturer
With Labelmate Jarltech offers you the worldwide leading manufacturer of label dispensers and counters, rewinders and unwinders, as well as label accessories. The Belgian manufacturer, with development and production sites in both Brussels and Henderson (Nevada, USA) delivers unachieved quality and reliability in this sector. Thousands of customers benefit in more than 80 countries daily from the industrial standards of Labelmate products.
High quality standards

Labelmate products simplify the handling of label rolls both before and after printing, plus they save time and increase production efficiency. The product portfolio contains a large number of robust and long-wearing devices for every budget. You additionally benefit from products for various core diameters and label lengths. We have the entire Labelmate spectrum of products for you, from universal market-entry equipment up to special high-end solutions for complex applications: rewinders/unwinders, label dispensers, slitters, etc. All accessories are compatible with the printers available on the market.

The high quality standards are your biggest advantage. Labelmate places great importance on manufacturing all of its own products, from electric motors and control circuits to precision polished steel shafts. Warranties of either three or five years secure your investment and demonstrate the great amount of trust in its own products.

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