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Evolis - Identifiy what matters
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Manufacturerer of card printers
Evolis develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of card printers for personalised plastic cards. This includes personalisation options for graphic, magnetic and electronic encoding (contact or contactless chip cards, also using RFID technology) for all types of cards.
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About Evolis

Evolis also markets a broad range of products and services for identifying people and goods: software for customising cards, a complete line of accessories and consumables, as well as signature pads and support services.

Based in Angers (France) with subsidiaries in Miami and Boston (United States), Mumbai (India), Singapore and Shanghai (China), Lisbon, Paris and Lyon (France), Evolis is listed on the Paris stock exchange. The company has more than 380 employees and is represented in 140 countries throughout the world.

With Evolis printing solutions, your customers are able to create plastic cards that are completely personalised, encoded and secured to support various applications. Evolis also delivers a large range of consumables, like color ribbons, blank cards, chip cards or RFID encoders.

Your customers print directly on-site exactly when the cards are needed or centralised ahead of time. The print results are always highly professional. It is easy to create and personalise the cards with the Evolis software. It offers users dozens of card templates, as well as various encoding options. Barcodes, graphics, photos or texts are quickly placed and easily formatted. Special database fields provide for easy, uncomplicated integration of dynamic database content.

From a small desk printer all the way to an automat for large industrial series, you will find the suitable machine for every need.