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Devices and applications for smart cards and flashes

Enter an entirely virtual world with Identiv – a leading manufacturer of products for secure access to digital services and data. Identive is a German-American enterprise that specialises in development and distribution of various smart card and flash memory devices and solutions.

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Jarltech offers you a fast and convenient way to acquire various Identiv products like smart card readers/writers or time recording packages, as well as solutions for digital access control and access control management. High-end hardware and software solutions by Identiv ensure secure data exchange in various applications. Create secure access to networks or workstations for instance or employ Identiv solutions in eHealth and ePassport applications, physical access control or online data transfer.

Identive Group Inc. has its headquarters in Santa Ana, California. The european headquarter is in Ismaning near Munich, Germany. Additionally, Identiv has research and support centres in Germany, India and Japan.

Jartech’s decision to partner with Identiv is based on Identiv’s significant competence in conventional and contactless smart card technology. Especially in areas that require qualified digital signatures in healthcare (electronic health cards) or banking applications and secure data transfer of data that needs protection over the internet, this technology gains more and more importance.

Software development is another field where Identiv convinces with a passion for professional user-oriented solutions. Packages like the time recording package come with an exceptional software application. It not only supports several languages, together with hardware that is especially easy to use, it also provides an unrivalled out-of-the-box solution.