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The KOAMTAC portfolio
KOAMTAC is well known globally for its compact, durable and reliable Bluetooth barcode scanners and mobile POS products, which are being used in numerous work environments such as inventory management, field service or transport. Besides these, the product portfolio includes fast, long-range RFID readers with an integrated smartphone and tablet charging function. In order to secure and expand the company’s leadership in Bluetooth barcode scanning technology in the future, the company works with a team of top engineers who distinguish themselves through innovation and experience.

The company was founded in 2002 by the engineer and inventor Dr. Hanjin Lee, who already holds several patents in the field of scanning and payment technology and has registered many more. From the very beginning he followed his vision of revolutionising the market for barcode, RFID and payment and setting apart his products from the competition through quality and versatility. To achieve this, he made his products universally compatible with all technology platforms – from Android, iOS, MacOS and Tizen to Windows. Also, he recognised the growth opportunities for smartphones and tablets at a very early stage, making KOAMTAC the first company to make Bluetooth barcode scanners compatible with Apple iOS and Samsung Tizen products.

KOAMTAC’s corporate mission is simple: produce the best, easy-to-use and competitively priced Bluetooth barcode scanners to effectively help companies increase productivity and save time and money.

As a global company, KOAMTAC is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, with a factory in Seoul, South Korea and a solution center in Milan, Italy. Furthermore, there is a sales office for DACH in Germany, near Oldenburg.

You can get the revolutionary products of KOAMTAC directly from Jarltech, together with straightforward premium services and technical support.

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