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Great deal for outstanding scanning performance!

Newland HR3280 Marlin BT SD Scanner – at a super price for a limited time!

Order the HR3280 Marlin Bluetooth Scanner from Newland at an unbelievable price!*

The Newland HR3280 Marlin BT SD is a versatile wireless handheld scanner with megapixel technology that captures virtually all 1D/2D barcodes – perfect for long or truncated 1D barcodes and larger, denser 2D barcodes. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the HR3280 Marlin BT SD ensures a strong, interference-free connection for data transmission. Its powerful 2,400mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous scanning performance. 

Secure a strong margin for yourself with this offer – valid for a short time only – and introduce your customers to the HR3280 Marlin BT SD barcode scanner from Newland. Order it directly from your sales representative!

*Valid for resellers in the EU only and until the 28th of June 2024. Valid only for the HR3280 Marlin BT SD model from Newland (SKU NLS-HR3280-BT-SD). Cannot be combined with other price exceptions. Newland reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at any time without prior notice or to cancel the offer.