Simply evolutionary
Zebra DNA brings out the best in Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers. It optimizes the hardware. Zebra DNA makes evolutionary changes in the innermost core of the products, at the genetic code. It develops them further and breathes new life into them. This translates into lasting change and evolution in Zebra mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers - for even greater efficiency and productivity wherever they are used.

Get to know the benefits that Zebra DNA has to offer!

Zebra Mobility DNA
Mobility DNA makes Zebra Android mobile computers more user-friendly and flexible while reducing integration and training costs. Thanks to the Android operating system, the apps are constantly evolving.
Scanning DataCapture DNA
Scanners also benefit from Zebra DNA. More precisely: from the Scanning DataCapture DNA, because that is the name of the Zebra DNA for barcode scanners. It makes many things easier. For example, your barcode scanner can be configured remotely. It puts an end to unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming scanning processes and ensures better user-friendliness, target guidance and intuitive handling.
Print DNA
Zebra Print DNA is based on Link-OS, the industry's most intelligent printer operating system. It enables the location-independent implementation and administration of extensive device fleets. Pairing with other devices and emulating other printer languages are greatly simplified.

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