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New facial authentication software from Zebra: Identity Guardian!


In the rapidly growing digital world, data protection is becoming increasingly important. Especially when it comes to mobile devices, which are packed with sensitive data and are used multiple times in daily business processes. This is precisely where Zebra comes in: With »Identity Guardian«, Zebra enables secure and personalised user access. The software seamlessly combines simple biometric authentication with multi-factor login protocols. This makes it suitable for single users as well as multiple users on a single device, protecting both personal and corporate data. 

Biometric authentication: Securely unlock mobile devices with facial recognition – even for multiple users of one device.

Intuitive user interface: deal for both shared and personally assigned devices.

Data protection: Implemented protection levels protect employees' personal data.

Application support: Through integration with identity providers, users only have to log in once and then use Single Sign On (SSO).

Improved accountability: The Zebra DNA Cloud provides an overview of user activities such as logins and logouts – a feature not available on systems with shared PINs or passwords.

Personalisation: Administrators use the Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) to define layouts that are tailored to the respective user roles – for personalised device logon.

Scalability: The provision of shared devices can be expanded indefinitely – every device recognises every user.

For further information, simply get in touch with your sales representative!