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We were honoured to host a career guidance session for Rotary yesterday for a local high school at our Event & Training Centre. I didn't think it would be so much fun to answer questions and give advice, together with a panel from other sectors. The students asked very good questions indeed. Apart from the most common question about whether our Event & Training Centre can be hired for graduation parties (no), it was very interesting to hear what the teenagers are interested in. They indeed not only care about money, but also about issues such as equality, teamwork and which social skills are needed. The largest group of students – 21% – want to work in a corporation (oh dear), and 48% want to study after graduating from high school. As the only person on the panel who has never seen the inside of a university, I could certainly add some perspective here. All in all, for me it was a very nice look back at 34 years of Jarltech, with all its ups and downs. I'll be happy to join in again next year! Find photos in our Instagram story and soon also on LinkedIn.