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You know, the supply situation is actually better than we thought. Demand continues to be crazy, but we have shipped significantly more goods this year than last year, and even our inventory is higher than it was this time last year. After all, it's no secret that (on average) we have the highest inventory in our industry. And manufacturers are working hard to keep bringing forward missing shipments where they can. Thank you for this!

In December, we actually receive a double-digit million amount of goods more than we were forecast in November. December is the month with the highest incoming goods at Jarltech ever.

I would also like to thank our logisticians who are making every minute count by picking up goods from the manufacturers themselves, and who also will deliver on the 24th of December and the 31st of December.

Unfortunately, there is a »sediment« of SKUs that are really hard to obtain. Often, our customers don't want to receive partial shipments, and so there are a lot of products in stock waiting on another part.

But, before we complain about the supply shortage, instead let's rejoice together in the industry about a hefty demand record!