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Naturally, the corona crisis has negatively impacted many industries through no fault of their own. But is everything only bad? When I turn on the TV, all I see is massive company bankruptcies and whining from all sides.

Boy, it would be refreshing to hear some good news - at least every now and then!

Besides, the slump in economic performance is apparently not so bad. Exports from the EU are doing well.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs in Europe who are providing growth, who are making changes, and who are not running blindly into bankruptcy: such as airlines, which are profiting from the current criminally high freight rates. Freight forwarders, logistics companies, trades, construction, lawyers, tax consultants and online coaches. Suddenly, you can even have high-quality food delivered right to your home.

I was most worried about trade fair builders at the beginning of the crisis. Absolutely zero business. But I should have known better; I underestimated this industry. After all, I've always known trade fair builders to be the fittest, most resilient and most flexible craftsmen of them all. Of course, these people all have jobs now, but they aren’t building exhibition booths.

There are also great examples of what can now be done digitally. The entire digital industry is simply bursting with power. Nothing but corona could have driven digitalisation at this break-neck speed. So you see, there’s some good to be found in the bad.

And the normally sluggish healthcare sector is moving as if it’s on steroids. There you have it!

By the way, these are all industries that actively pay taxes and »incidentally« also have the risk of losing everything. Administrative offices, schools, museums and theaters do not usually belong to this group.

And the wave of bankruptcies? If you ask the individual banks, you will hear that the wave of bankruptcies is coming - but not in their customer portfolio. You'll hear that every time, even if you ask ten banks in a row. Maybe the rescue programs are working and maybe many entrepreneurs are better than their reputation. There are plenty of job openings currently - and the stock markets don't really point to a global crisis.

I would really like it if the media would take into account from time to time (between all the justified suffering of many industries) that the majority of the private sector has found ways and means to move forward. Why not show a few good examples? That would also be good for everyone’s mood!