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Ulrich Spranger | CEO

Jarltech Europe GmbH

CEO Ulrich Spranger

Let’s be honest, weight gain is a dirty word - it only happens to undisciplined, weak people. Well - maybe they have a disease, but isn't that more of an excuse? Let's think about it.

What comes to our subconscious mind on the subject of »weight gain«? Exactly: feasting! Not abnormal »taking in food«. On the contrary: indulgence!! Gingerbread, raclette, fondue, heavy sauces, French fries, pralines, chocolate - if you could now merely think away your guilty conscience, wouldn't that be nice? Doesn't the wisdom that no matter how much you eat, you can never gain more than 300 grams a day help? So if I've already eaten 30 domino sweets and 25 marzipan potatoes, have I eaten my way into the »who cares« range? Do I then have a free pass for a few hours to take in a few more kilos without the risk of gaining any more weight?

Unfortunately, I quit smoking four weeks ago. Unfortunately. My brand of cigarettes was banned in the EU. Ok, I only smoked for a very short time. But still, it was actually very nice. Even though I knew all the time that smoking is about the stupidest thing that a person can do.

But now I no longer smoke, I simply compensate for it. On the one hand, I annoy my fellow man (preferably my family), with the resulting lightning depression or simply a (clinically irrelevant) bad mood. And: I eat. Everything. All the time. When I'm not hungry, I have an appetite. And when the appetite is gone, then at least I want to: eat!

Please, dear readers, send me menthol cigarettes. Right away! But inconspicuously packed. Alternatively, gummy bears or licorice. I would also love some fine cheese, though please not from the supermarket. I am suffering. Thank you.