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Again, someone has asked me why it's been so many weeks since my last blog post. Folks, it's just difficult. Let me explain. It's not the writing that's difficult. Finding topics? That’s easy, I come up with at least five every day. But no matter what I come up with, I’m not allowed to hurt anyone. And I can't damage our business. So only very rarely does a topic come into consideration.

Here's a list of the things that came across my desk this week alone, but which I can't talk about publicly - in parenthesis you’ll find the reason why I have to keep my opinion to myself.

- Corona cases at Jarltech and what vocational schools have to do with it (data protection and threats of punishment by the schools)

- The German government screwed up the vaccine distribution for purely political reasons (I don't comment politically)

- We screwed up a delivery to a super important customer (I certainly can't admit that publicly)

- My wife now has a horse and so I have slipped to seventh place in the family ranking (self-pity)

- We asked a mean question in the analyst meeting of a listed competitor today (you don't do that)

- We’ve heard rumors that a competitor is greatly driving down its inventories because the new cowboy investors want to free up »working capital« (you don't rub salt in a wound)

- Another competitor wanted to poach our entire sales team in a particular country. The end result was that no one changed from us, but the country manager of the competitor changed over to us (that was a really great victory, but gloating is also not possible)

- Some vendors want to pep up their figures again by having the distribution quickly buy nonsensical inventories this year (relevant for the stock exchange)

And there are still a few more things. So you see, I stay calm because I have to stay calm. But inside me it bubbles up, and one day I start a blog under a pseudonym. :) –

And for those of you who are bored in your home office, here is a video contribution from our restaurant on how to make eggnog (unfortunately it’s only in German):

Stay peaceful and healthy in the Advent season!