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It had to be done: We have a new webshop. Completely self-built and with a functioning search function, and it’s also much prettier. However, the reactions were split: some of the customers cheered us, others wanted the old shop back. 

But, first of all, why did we do this? Our old webshop was certainly the greatest webshop of the 90s, but unfortunately it was also based on old technology, and spaghetti code had crept in. In addition, we could no longer ensure the new requirements for security and data protection. Also, the website did not run satisfactorily on mobile phones either. 

What we have now is not yet the final word, but it is certainly a real secret weapon within the competition. A shop in a state-of-the-art framework where we can control every bit. And I promise: we will soon have the best website in the industry again. We have a list of features lined up in the next few months that will amaze you. 

A not-quite-so-funny aspect was that, on the day of the launch, parts of the hardware went into strike-mode – Murphy’s Law. By the way, it was also interesting to hear some complaints that certain features no longer worked that didn’t even exist in the old webshop. But that doesn’t matter, we are taking note of all the suggestions for improvement and sorting them out at the moment. 

Jarltech has been using its own ERP system since the very beginning. I remember writing the first version myself in dBase II and the second version under dBase III Plus. It was madness, but it also worked and was sorely missed by some when we started using the much better modern version. 

I am left with the hope that with further improvements, we can make all our business partners happy. Now we have to take a breather, because at least it’s working. :) 

Remember my promise, we will continue to tackle the issue.