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ratiotec RP 50
Fastest and most favourable means for authenticity testing


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  • High-quality banknote testing pen
  • Fast testing of chemical composition
  • Compatible with all currencies (excluding polymer currencies)
  • Easy handling – compact and light


The ratiotec RP 50 testing pen is the fastest and easiest means for authenticity testing of banknotes. It is suitable for all currencies, excluding so-called polymer currencies, in other words plastic-coated banknotes. The testing pen reacts to the chemical composition of the banknotes, so it is simply an indicator. However, a majority of the false money currently in circulation does not even fulfil this criterion with which the RP 50 uncovers most of the counterfeit notes.
The handling could not be easier: simply mark the banknote to be tested with the pen – if the marked spot changes colour even slightly, the note is authentic. A dark colouration means it is a suspicious banknote. The banknote itself is of course not damaged as the indicator colour disappears on authentic notes within a few seconds.


All versions:
Ratiotec RP 50

(ratrp50 – 30071)

- For all currencies, except polymer (plastic-coated) banknotes
- Authenticity check: Chemical composition
- Simply mark the banknote with the test pen
- Light discolouration = genuine banknote
- Dark discolouration = suspect banknote
- The indicator colour disappears on genuine banknotes after just a few seconds Examples of use:
- For quick and discreet checking of banknotes Suitable for:
- Over-the-counter retail
- Gastronomy
- Events and large events



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