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Citizen Media Holder
Roll holder for large runs


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  • External media holder for large rolls
  • Optional: fully automatic rewinder
  • Attached to printer housing, fast mounting


The optional media holders enormously expand the range of applications of the compact Citizen desktop printers. Within seconds, the roll holder is attached to the printer and label rolls of up to 200 mm in diameter can be fed into the printer. Depending on the maximum label width supported by the printer, it will hold labels with a width of up to 118 mm. As it is fixed to the printer, the media cannot slip out of position.
Even loading the labels is made easy: remove lid, place labels, close printhead and lid – ready!

For mass production, the device can be equipped with an optional fully automatic rewinder. It is placed in front of the printer output and professionally rewinds the printed labels. A high-end slip clutch prevents wrinkled paper and protects the labels. As the unit is comparably heavy, all media stays in place perfectly, ensuring professional production.


All versions:
External paper roll holder, 200 mm (8 inch)

(etd536 – 2000415)

External paper roll holder for CLS521/621/631, 200 mm (8 inch) rolls



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External paper roll holder, 20,3cm

(cit2000447 – 2000447)

External paper roll holder for Citizen CL-S400DT, 20,3cm


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