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Take advantage of the sales opportunity of the year! Microsoft is
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test Android mobile computers for the warehouse
  • 4.7" touch display
  • Android from 8.1 to R
  • Mobility Edge product
  • IP67 certification

The CT60 mobile computer from Honeywell supports all Android versions up to 10 (Q) and particularly impresses with its long life cycle. It offers a reliable connection to other devices via WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE and NFC. It is also equipped with a 2D imager and a 13 megapixel camera - for optimal data acquisition and documentation.

  • Cold storage variant available
  • Keyboard (alphanumeric / numeric)
  • Ultra-robust, thanks to IP67 certification
  • From Android 6 with GMS

The ultra-robust mobile computer Honeywell CK75 offers high flexibility and reliability, even in extreme environments. The 3.5'' touch display is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and may even be operated with gloves. It also has 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN and a 1.5 GHz OMAP 4470 dual-core multi-engine processor for top performance.

  • Android 7.1 (upgrades up to R)
  • IP65- / IP67-certified, impact-resistant from 2.4 m
  • Mobility Edge product
  • 4G

The Android mobile computer Honeywell CN80 is equipped with a touch screen as well as a keypad (numerical or functional), a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm octa-core processor and up to 4 GB RAM. Thanks to the optional heated display and scanner, it is suitable for operation in cold storage, or with an integrated 2D imager, for barcode detection at distances of up to 15 meters.

  • Android from the 8th generation
  • Mobility Edge product
  • Optional: Atex, cold storage variant
  • FlexRange Engine

Ultra-rugged and designed for demanding tasks - that's what Honeywell's 4" mobile computer CK65 stands for. Its updatable Android operating system receives support and regular security updates via Mobility Edge. The 2.2 GHz octa-core processor, a 1D/2D imager, the large memory and the interfaces WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC provide high performance.

  • Android 8 (updates up to R)
  • Mobility Edge product
  • Interchangeable front panels
  • Cold storage option, down to -30 °C

The robust Android forklift terminal Honeywell Thor VM1A is very durable, thanks to Mobility Edge. Its easily replaceable 8" WXGA LED backlit touch display with 400/900 nits, the Qualcomm 660 octa-core processor with 2.2 GHz and the powerful battery with a bridging time of up to 30 minutes speak for themselves.

For more Honeywell models, speak to your sales representative!

Honeywell service for Android mobile computers

Sustainability for your customers' Honeywell mobile computers!

Mobility Edge
Honeywell Mobility Edge
  • Longest life cycle in the industry
  • Improved security and increased ROI
  • Support up to Android R
  • Security patch support available until 2028
Mobility Edge

Mobility Edge is a uniform hardware and software platform for mobile computers. It offers the longest life cycle in the industry and is the only solution with guaranteed security patch support up to Android R (2028)! In short: Mobility Edge is extremely flexible and ensures faster and better business processes - this reduces the costs and risks for your customers.

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Quicker deployments:

For faster, easier and less expensive mobile solutions

  • Enterprise Provisioner
  • Android zero touch log-in
  • Control center
  • Setup wizard
  • Secure deployment
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Optimal performance:

For increased productivity, lower costs and optimised business processes

  • Data collection tools
  • Wireless connection
  • Software client package
  • Keyboard layout function
  • Intelligent functions
  • Battery change during operation
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Extended product life cycle:

For maximised returns and less risk and operating costs

  • 5 Android versions (N to R)
  • Intelligent functions
  • Battery optimisation
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Advanced Android security updates
  • Guaranteed availability of the most important processor components
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Comprehensive security:

For more brand protection, ensuring compliance and reducing risks

  • Cross-domain, comprehensive cyber security
  • Honest security vulnerability disclosure
  • Security through supported Android versions (N to R)
  • Strong, proactive partnerships with Google and Qualcomm
  • Honeywell Sentinel security updates
  • Regular provision of security patches