Jarltech Android Migration
The future in the warehouse
belongs to Android!
Take advantage of the sales opportunity! We present you everything
you need for the perfect warehouse business with the innovative
Android mobile computers from Zebra and Honeywell!
Find out everything you need to know about switching to the Android operating system in the warehouse.
With Android in the future

The era of outdated operating systems, such as
Windows-based mobile devices in the warehouse is over.
The most efficient alternative is Android!

Millions of mobile computers are affected

An incredible number of mobile devices, especially those
of your warehouse customers, are still being used with outdated
operating systems. In the warehouse alone, the number of
affected devices worldwide is several million.

Android is the upgrade
for your business!

The change from outdated operating systems in the warehouse
to Android offers you enormous growth opportunities.
Do not miss the chance to present your customers the sustainable
and innovative mobile computers from Honeywell and Zebra!

Switching has never been so easy

We have the right device for every challenge which awaits your warehouse customers. All of the mobile computers on this site are available with tools that your customers use to easily migrate existing warehouse software solutions for Windows to Android. For example, with the Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE) or Honeywell's Enterprise TE, the change is very easy.

Take away your customers' fear of migration: your customers make the switch with minimum effort, so they continue to work with their Android mobile computer.


Jarltech supports you
with the Android migration

Jarltech works closely with the leading manufacturers of Android mobile computers to offer your customers a large number of Android-based mobile devices. We have the right device for you for every need, every requirement and above all for every challenge that is waiting in the warehouse. Just talk to us!

You are not yet a partner? Would you like to profit from premium distribution as a dealer?

Get to know our most popular Android mobile computers!

These are the great benefits for everyone in the warehouse!

The Android operating system increases your warehouse customers’ productivity enormously and is therefore the perfect alternative to Windows. But that’s not all, the popular operating system has much more to offer. We have summarised the highlights for you:

Android is very easy to understand, making it simpler for employees to get started with the operating system, plus training is completed faster.
The ease of use makes it easier to execute and create instructions.
Because Android is based on modern technology, its application performance is significantly accelerated.
Android support reduces the risk of security breaches.
Advanced protection measures improve the security and control of entire Android device fleets.
Almost all parts of the device may be serviced easily and quickly.
Android's strong WLAN connectivity also improves the connectivity of mobile devices.
The battery analysis prevents interruptions and maximises the quality of work shifts.
By using a single operating system, IT work becomes much easier.
Existing green screen apps can also be used on an Android device.
Terminal emulation apps are optimised and modernised according to your own needs and speed.
With Android mobile devices and the All-Touch Terminal Emulation, neither the existing terminal emulation app nor the back-end system need to be reconfigured.

Convincing arguments for your customers!

Your customers should switch to Android now!

The switch from Windows to Android started many years ago, but has not yet reached everyone. Today's technology is constantly evolving and so are the tasks in the warehouse. With outdated technologies such as Windows, your customers will quickly lose touch and this will reduce competitiveness.

The grip on Android makes sense!

The pressure on the market is increasing due to the constantly growing requirements of e-commerce. End users want your goods to be delivered faster, which means that the warehouse must also work faster. In order not to go under at this speed, modern Android is the right choice.

Android is the answer to growing demands

The increasing numbers of online orders, article numbers, inventory cycles and order picking are part of the everyday challenges in the warehouse.

Android devices are state-of-the-art and are designed to keep pace, shorten delivery times and have a constantly changing workforce on board quickly.

Android is perfect for smooth operation

An end of support, for example, for Windows, also entails the setting of cer-tain device parts, such as chips. As a result, older mobile devices can no longer be maintained and have to be taken out of service. This disrupts day-to-day operations in the company. Android offers support and updates for many years to come.

Android guarantees more security

Every business is a potential target for hackers. Android support is up-to-date with security and supports its mobile devices with regular updates.

Android is the operating system for tomorrow's employees

Android is a widespread and very popular operating system that is also often used in the private sector. Younger people in particular, and therefore tomorrow's employees, already have some experience with it and therefore require less training.