The dynamic platform for the mobile workforce
When tough on the outside is just not enough – true durability comes from the core. That is why Honeywell developed Mobility Edge, a dynamic and unified platform for mobile devices.
All Mobility Edge devices use the same operating system – Android –, as well as the same modular system which is at the same time the core and processing power of these devices.
The Result is:
5 versions of Android OS Support
5 versions of Android OS Support
From Android Nougat all the way through to R
Accelerated deployment
Accelerated deployment
Fast, easy and affordable device implementation
Optimised performance
Optimised performance
Improved communication and data capture
Extended life cycle
Extended life cycle
Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Mobile devices have become commonplace tools in most industries. However, the devices in use are often different, with different operating systems, maintenance requirements and life cycles. Honeywell's Mobility Edge helps your customers to transform this time-consuming and expensive complexity into cost reduction and productive speed.
The reliable and robust CK65 mobile computer was designed by Honeywell for demanding tasks in warehousing, transportation and logistics. As a member of the Mobility Edge family, the CK65 receives support for four Android generations, beginning with Android 8. It also receives security updates for two years longer via Honeywell Sentinel.
Its bright, 4" touch display is easily legible, even outdoors. Plus, the ergonomic mobile terminal may be operated via the keyboard, either numerically with 38 or alphanumerically with 51 keys. Its trend-setting FlexRange scanner captures 1D/2D barcodes from 0.15 to 15.2 m.
Its longevity is supported not only by Mobility Edge, but also by its robustness, according to IP65/IP68 and MIL-STD-810g certifications. It withstands falls from 2.4 m, 95% relative humidity and is available as a cold storage or hazardous goods version (NI- and ATEX-certified).
* Valid for two units per reseller in Europe, at six-month intervals. Discount on the list price. Registration in the Honeywell Partner Program required.
Powered by Android.
Empowered by Honeywell.
Core Strength until 2030.
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Honeywell's promise of durability: Core Strength until 2030.