Customizable rugged tablets and notebooks for your work area!

Getac offers you tailored tablets and notebooks for your industry that are as tough as they are reliable - perfect for use in extreme situations.

Whether in transportation and logistics, in industrial manufacturing, in the utilities sector, in the oil and gas sector or in public safety: Getac knows your requirements and presents you with individual rugged computing that you can rely on anytime, anywhere.

Discover the innovative Getac rugged tablets and notebooks, software, accessories and services to build your solutions for the industry and master your IT challenges!

UtilitiesIn the utilities sector, demand for equally powerful and rugged outdoor tablets and notebooks is increasing. Getac rugged computing provides real-time electronic data and field information, and automates workflows. This saves your employees valuable time and helps you to optimize processes. With the help of various Getac docking stations and brackets, the devices are seamlessly integrated and mounted - making your employees even more mobile.