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ratiotec Smart Protect Plus
Automatic banknote validator with a display


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  • Banknote validator with a clear display
  • Automatic currency detection with authenticity check
  • Checks euros (EUR), pound sterling (GBP) and Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Max. speed: 0.5 seconds per banknote
  • Additionally displays total amount and number of counted banknotes


The compact banknote validator Smart Protect Plus from ratiotec is ideal for the POS in nearly all industries and for checking euros (EUR), pound sterling (GBP) and Swiss francs (CHF). It is supported by its automatic currency detection and achieves a maximum validation speed of up to 0.5 seconds per banknote. Thanks to this high speed, customer flow continues undisturbed, enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging purchasing power. As an added benefit, the validator also shows the total amount and number of accepted banknotes counted on its highly visible display – thus, making it in essence a 2-in-1 device.
For extra security, the Smart Protect Plus has a clear verification feedback, consisting of an audible signal tone, a visible display on the LCD and an LED bar that lights up green for accepted banknotes and red for suspicious ones, as well as an adjustable ejection of suspicious banknotes to either the front or back. Plus, cleaning and maintenance are greatly facilitated by the lightweight design opening.
All versions:
ratiotec Smart Protect Plus , disp.

(ratspotp – 947569)

Bank note checker (EUR, CHF, GBP), miscellaneous (properties/characteristics), display, authenticity check (UV, IR, MG-characteristics, metal thread), interfaces, dimensions, W 137mm, H 62mm, D 117mm, order separately: battery



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Available accessories:
Ratiotec battery

(ratsoldismabat – 79019)

Battery, 40x50x20mm, 0,5kg fits for: Soldi Smart, Soldi Smart Pro, Smart Protect Plus



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