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ratiotec POS Safe RT
Safes for a more secure POS


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  • Robust steel safes for cash revenues at the POS
  • For change, large bills or the total daily intake
  • High security through mechanical or electronic locking mechanisms
  • Removable inner case for removal at night
  • Shielded from view under the counter


For more security at the POS trust the ratiotec POS safes of the RT-Series. Depending on the model they are ideally suited for the safekeeping of readily available change or for reducing any surplus. The POS safes feature either a mechanical (RT 500, RT 650) or an electronic locking mechanism with a PIN code (RT 750), offering a higher degree of security. The robust steel housing protects the money against forced entry. The RT 750 is additionally equipped with an electronic time lock, to protect the door from unauthorised access at all times.
Extra deposit slots for larger bills allow for storage of greater cash amounts without having to open the safe door. On the one hand this minimises theft risk, while at the same time it increases the security feeling that employees have at the POS; the cash in the POS simply cannot exceed the pre-designated amount. After closing time or when changing cashiers, easily remove the entire inner case of the POS safe and exchange it.
All versions:
ratiotec POS Safe RT 750

(ratrt750 – 69000)

Electronic, pin code, time delay of up to 5 min possible, steel housing, fabric inner part with support function, battery (8x 1.5 Volt), (LxWxH) 300 x 115 x 280 mm, 7,4 kg



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ratiotec POS Safe RT 500

(ratsafe500 – 69002)

Mechanical, 2-key system, steel housing, removable inner part made of steel, (LxWxH) 240 x 225 x 100 mm, 2,3 kg



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