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Sat, 1 Jan 2022 - 16:11

Ulrich Spranger | CEO

Jarltech Europe GmbH

CEO Ulrich Spranger

Just like at the beginning of every new year, I would like to share our business performance with you. Our incoming orders grew by +79% to 750 million euros (approximately 880 million USD). Due to the large backlog caused by the delivery situation our turnover was somewhat lower. At the Jarltech core: We are now 420 employees strong.

I am incredibly proud of what my team achieved in 2021. Despite the challenges we had an awesome year. We have reactivated buildings, managed office moves in many regions, integrated new employees and trainees, completed the automation of our logistics in Usingen, doubled our warehouse capacity in Dubai, experienced a strong year in China and held countless online events.

In our location in Usingen we built a new Event and Training Centre for communicating with our partners offline again after corona. It’s absolutely amazing! The new Showroom, the largest in our industry, will move into it in January.

We close the year with a record inventory and will deliver more in January 2022 than ever before. According to internet comparisons, no one in our industry has more freely available stock than Jarltech, and significantly so.

For 2022 we have big plans: further growth, three new warehouses in Usingen, new offices in Europe, and to be the number one in the market.

In addition to my employees, I would also like to thank all our partners on the customer and supplier side. Together we will experience an outstanding 2022!