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Honeywell 8690i
RFID mini mobile computer for the back of the hand


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  • Compact RFID mini mobile computer
  • RFID reader, scanner and mobile computer in one
  • Available as a two-finger ring or back-of-the-hand model
  • Lightweight: 211 grams
  • IP54-certified


The Honeywell 8690i is a very compact mini mobile computer for hands-free scanning, ideal for fast and efficient picking, packing and sorting in warehouses, logistics and the industry. Weighing just 211 grams, the 8690i is a true lightweight which speeds up productivity in product and position identification via RFID. Compared to working with common handheld scanners, work steps are reduced by up to 66% when using the Honeywell 8690i. The RFID mini mobile computer is individually configurable for the respective area of application. Users see important information at a glance without the need for unnecessary movement - increasing efficiency and boosting productivity. Thanks to the customisable user interface, the Honeywell 8690i displays necessary instructions, plus menu navigation and selection confirmation is straightforward, via two buttons. Connect the portable RFID mini mobile computer directly to the network application via WLAN - thanks to available plug-ins, many functions are also available offline.
The RFID mini mobile computer is also robust: it is IP54-certified and withstands 2,000 falls from 0.5 m, as well as 36 falls from 1.5 m onto concrete. A 3,400 mAh battery provides the necessary power during usage - the performance has been designed for at least a six-hour active shift. When the battery is being replaced, the 8690i remains operational for 100 seconds after the battery is removed.

The 8690i is available as a two-finger ring or as a back-of-the-hand installation on a glove. On the glove, the 8690i is securely fixed to the back of the hand - ideal for even more freedom of movement and ergonomics. Plus, 4- and 12-port charging stations are available for the batteries and the mini mobile computer.
All versions:
Honeywell 8690i, RFID (UHF), 2D, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

(hw8690 – 8690I202-2)

RFID reader, UHF (865-868MHz), barcode scanner (1D/2D), IP54, Bluetooth (5.0), Wi-Fi (802.11ac) incl.: battery (3400 mAh)



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