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Glancetron 8034
Shapely customer display
  • Customer display with 2 x 20 characters
  • Very luminous vacuum fluorescent display
  • RS-232 or USB interface
  • Three height options
  • Available in black and white


The 8034 is a modern vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) with luminous bluish-green characters displayed on a black background.
Two rows with twenty characters each can be displayed. The display can be programmed extensively using serial commands. Blinking text, scrolls or fade-ins are as easily programmed as are entire macros for automated messages, such as a preset welcome messages that are displayed after five minutes of inactivity. The 8034 is ready for use with serial Epson printers over a single RS-232 interface using pass-through mode.

The customer display can be read even from far away or at different angles without difficulty and the display head is rotatable in all directions. Additionally, you can use one or two of the included installation tubes to adjust the height of the display (max. 43 cm) to the cash desk and shop design. Alternatively, you can also place the display directly on the desk when using it without poles. An external AC adaptor (12V) can be used if the display cannot attain its power supply from the included slot plate adaptor.

Optionally, the Glancetron 8034 customer display is also available with USB interface. The connected computer supplies the standard USB version directly with power. Consequently, an additional AC adaptor is no longer necessary.

The Glancetron 8034 is compatible with various displays, such as the Epson DM-D series. In addition, it understands Glancetron protocol.


Available accessories:
Promag power supply

(pmnt12v2a – APR-T0045)

Power supply, 12 VDC, 2 A, fits for: 1300, 8034, 8004, 8005,C10



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