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ANKER cash drawer opener
Opening modules with USB or RS-232


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  • Opening modules for ANKER cash drawers
  • Two models available: USB Cashcontrol and PC Cashcontrol
  • Allows the cash drawers to be opened via USB or RS-232
  • USB Cashcontrol: 12/24 V, USB interface
  • PC Cashcontrol: 24 V, RS-232 interface


The different cash drawers from ANKER have one thing in common: they offer a high degree of ergonomics and flexibility for cashiering processes in retail, hotels and everywhere where professional cassettes are needed or wanted. For quick, secure opening ANKER offers two different opening modules: PC or USB Cashcontrol. They allow the POS to be opened via USB or RS-232, depending on the variant.
The USB Cashcontrol works with 12 V or 24 V and has a USB interface.

The PC Cashcontrol works with 24 V and has an RS-232 interface.
All versions:
Anker Cash drawer opener, RS232

( lad542 – 42100.035-0000 )

Cash drawer opener, 24 V, Cashcontrol, interface: RS232



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24 months warranty
Anker Cash drawer opener, USB

( adscontrolu – 42700.002-0000 )

Cash drawer opener, 12 / 24 V, Cashcontrol, interface: USB



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24 months warranty

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