Diebold Nixdorf Beetle POS-Systeme

Our passion:
more efficiency at the POS!

Set new standards at your customers' POS - with the versatile BEETLE All-in-One POS and modular POS systems from Diebold Nixdorf!

Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE POS systems

The innovative BEETLE All-in-One POS systems from Diebold Nixdorf take the POS to new dimensions. They require little space at the POS, are super-functional, user-friendly and simply delight everyone with their state-of-art design.

Unbelievably versatile

BEETLE All-in-One POS systems are also ideal as kiosk systems and information terminals for customer dialogue. They are equipped with various interfaces so that peripheral devices are connected quickly and simply - making the BEETLE All-in-One POS systems very versatile and individually applicable. Thanks to their VESA-compatible mounting, BEETLE All-in-One POS systems may also be mounted on the wall or on a pole.

Diebold Nixdorf TSE
Diebold Nixdorf TSE-Connect-Box
All-in-One POS systems
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE A Serie
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /iPOS plus Advanced
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /iPOS plus SL
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /iPOS plus XL
Modular POS-Systems
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /M-III
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /XS
Kiosk Systems
Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE /iSCAN EASY eXpress

Quick and uncomplicated

The Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE All-in-One POS systems are equipped with the latest generation Intel processors. Windows 10 IoT and WNLPOS (Linux) are available as operating systems, as well as various accessories, such as a waiter’s lock, NFC reader and much more.

Diebold Nixdorf hat mehr als 1 Million POS Systeme in über 90 Ländern implementiert.

Diebold Nixdorf implemented more than 1 million retail POS solutions in over 90 countries.

Dank unserer Self-Checkout-Systeme sparen Endkunden fast 300 Millionen Stunden im Jahr.

Our self-checkout solutions save customers nearly 300 million hours each year.

Robust and economical

All BEETLE systems are particularly resistant to static charges and interference radiation, and are designed to be operated in environments with higher temperatures. They have integrated remote management functions and are designed to be particularly easy to maintain. Equipped with energy-saving processors, they ensure an extremely energy-efficient power supply - this lowers the operating costs of your customers in retail and hospitality.

BEETLEINFO for more security

The POS systems from Diebold Nixdorf are equipped with BEETLEINFO - a management agent for inventory and monitoring of the POS from a distance. With BEETLEINFO, your customers constantly monitor critical components such as fans, the motherboard and the hard drive - guaranteeing them more security.

Present the versatile and energy-efficient Diebold Nixdorf BEETLE POS systems to your customers - even better, order them directly from your sales representative!

Possibly limited availability in some EU countries - please ask your sales representative