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Popular mobile devices from Honeywell now also with housing which can be disinfected!

In light of the current situation, the proper cleaning of mobile devices in retail, transportation, logistics and field service is particularly important - especially if the devices are used for several shifts and by different people. Honeywell wants to protect you and your customers even better and therefore offers popular barcode scanners, mobile printers and terminals with special housing that can withstand daily cleanings with common disinfectants.

These devices are now also available with disinfectant-resistant housing:

Barcode scanners
Xenon XP 1950g – Ergonomic area imager for hard-to-read barcodes.
Xenon XP 1952g-bf – Battery-free 1D/2D Bluetooth barcode scanner.
Voyager XP 1470g – Durable 2D scanner for retail environments.
Voyager XP 1472g – Wireless scanner for hard-to-reach barcodes.

Mobile printers
RP2 Series – Robust mobile printers for receipts, documents and labels.

Mobile computers
CT40 – Powerful mobile computer with a modern design.
CT40 XP – Enterprise mobile computer with FlexRange scanning technology.
CK65 – Robust mobile computer with a 4" bright colour LCD touchscreen.
ScanPal EDA51 – Sustainable full-touch mobile terminal with Android.

Order the popular Honeywell mobile devices with disinfectant-resistant housing with your sales representative right away!

Disinfection guide
The newest member of the Elo IDS Series: the Elo 3203L!
Corona vaccination centres – we have the suitable hardware
Honeywell MPD31D – mobile printer with wireless technology
Datalogic HandScanner – hands-free scanning for more work efficiency
HID Lumidigm M-211 – fingerprint reader for secure authentication
The wait is over: Seagull Scientific presents BarTender 2021!
The Honeywell CK3 is going End of Life - find alternative products...
Zebra CS60-HC – convertible scanner for the healthcare sector
Zebra MC2200/MC2700 – cost-efficient Android mobile computers
Datalogic 2128P RFID-Griff – UHF RFID reader with ePop-Log system
Important information about the new Epson firmware update!
Now available: enhanced Zebra ET56 with an Android operating system!
The extended 6th generation of the robust Getac V110 is here!
Zebra CS60 Series – pocket scanners in a convertible design
Zebra TC26-HC – a healthcare touch computer with a mobile phone...
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