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Elegant, compact label printing: the CL-E321 from Citizen26.04.2018
Space-saving, fast, simple to connect and even easier to use: the CL-E321 label printer from Citizen knows no compromises. It generates high-quality labels which are not only durable enough for warehouse and shipping tasks, but have also proven themselves in light industry and even in healthcare. It uses either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing – depending on what is better for the application....
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Epson TM-J7200/7700: crisp receipts from inkjet multi-station printing23.04.2018
The compact POS printers TM-J7200 and TM-J7700 from Epson particularly prove themselves in areas where receipts and sales slips not only need to be pinpoint sharp, but also long-wearing: in retail as well as in the finance and insurance sectors, but also in pharmacies and drug stores. Different than most of the other POS printers on the market, both models do not use thermal printing but rather print...
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Jarltech: the first name on the street19.04.2018
Would you like to visit our Showroom? Then soon you will have to program a new address into your GPS, since the newly opened Jarltech Campus is now located at Jarltech-Platz 1 in Usingen.The traffic circle in front of the company building has received a new name. Of course, it will take some time until all map databases (such as Google Maps, etc.) register and mark the change. Thankfully it's not complicated...
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Elo Backpack: a display becomes a touchcomputer16.04.2018
Turn a touchmonitor from Elo into a computer – is that possible? With the new Elo Backpack it's easier than you think: attach it and the cables and the interactive monitors and displays are now Android computers. This is the ideal upgrade module for everyone who is looking to expand the range of their touchscreens, but who does not want to buy completely new installations. The device is compatible...
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Zebra MC55X-HC: the daily helper for caregivers, lab techs, etc.13.04.2018
For mobile computers in healthcare data security is just as important as hygiene. With the MC55X-HC Zebra supports this principle anew. The healthcare variant of the proven handheld computer captures data with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and thereby fulfills the stringent requirements of security standard FIPS 140-2 Level 1. Naturally the clinical-white housing withstands disinfectants and cleansers,...
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New revision of the X-Series from Elo Touch Solutions12.04.2018
The modern Point of Sale is adaptable – that is the basic principle on which the enhanced X-Series from Elo is built. With their numerous possibilities for adaption and expansion, the compact touch computers fit into practically every individual application area. They especially prove themselves in retail and hospitality, for example, as self-service payment systems or interactive menus. Since the...
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Zebra LI3608-ER & LI3678-ER: the extremely well thought-out scanner...11.04.2018
The LI3608-ER and LI3678-ER from Zebra are two ultra-robust 1D barcode scanners for industrial and heavy industry application areas. Their scanning range spans distances from 5 cm to 17 m – one of the longest on the market. Additionally, they also capture barcodes which are covered by packaging film or frost. This makes them well suited for usage in warehouses, workshops, production, container operations...
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Getac makes old new: the revision of the V11011.04.2018
The fully robust notebook V110 from Getac is the ideal companion for everyone who works in raw environments and under other unfavorable conditions – document, check, measure and photograph with the highest precision. But the technical development of the V110 has not taken a break since its introduction; therefore, Getac now presents a revision of its reliable notebook. The new version V110 G4 is naturally...
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A good take-off: the smart mobile computer SM15 from M3 Mobile10.04.2018
We are pleased to present the first M3 Mobile product in our portfolio: the Android mobile computer SM15. With its 5'' display and small format the device not only reminds you of a smartphone, but it is also just as versatile (although significantly more robust). Protected according to IP65 standards against dust and moisture, as well as drop-protected from 1.2 m, it is particularly well suited for...
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One drives, one holds down the fort: Datalogic Blackline SH15 & SH2110.04.2018
Blackline SH15 and Blackline SH21 – with these two names Datalogic presents two touch computers which are 100% designed for the challenges in the industry and logistics. But how do they differ from one another? The Blackline SH15 is pre-destined for vehicle mounting. Despite the 3 mm safety glass, the 15'' multi-touch screen remains easily operable, even with gloves. The IP65/IP67-certified housing...
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Document management ΰ la Epson09.04.2018
Did you know? Epson also offers scanners. No, not for barcodes – document scanners For what kinds of documents? Letters, photos, magazines, single pages or entire stacks. In short, whatever needs to be scanned. You also have your choice when it comes to the areas of usage – Epson offers devices for mobile operation as well as desktop or department models. Since there is not enough space here to mention...
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Now at Jarltech: versatile mobile printing from Brother09.04.2018
Starting now the international printer vendor Brother is also represented in our portfolio, with five new mobile printers. Among them you will find »classic« receipt printers, as well as devices which cover entirely new areas of usage. Here's a little sneak peek at the expanded Jarltech offerings: PocketJet Series: Portable models for printing delivery notices, contracts and more DIN A4 documents....
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Colormetrics P4500: Change your POV. Change your POS.22.03.2018
What is the Colormetrics P4500? A new touch POS system for unlimited possibilities, and the first choice if your customers value elegance, space-saving design and flexibility at the POS! The 15'' touch screen comes in two variants: resistive or capacitive. Together with the different interface options and a particularly broad spectrum of accessories, there are over 2,000 different combination options,...
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Portable Citizen printer with Apple MFi certification02.03.2018
What is the new CMP-25L from Citizen? It's a 2'' mobile printer which prints both receipts and labels, and is truly a reliable tool for the challenges of daily work life. Plus, it's a hardworking daily helper which connects with Android, Windows and even Apple mobile devices, as needed. The small yet powerful printer weighs only 580 g (including battery) yet is robust enough to withstand the occasional...
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Glancetron 9580 – the foundation of the tailor-made POS14.02.2018
Individual customer wishes require individual hardware: a simple principle and foundation of the new Glancetron 9580. With this book-size PC you receive a handy, yet powerful base for transforming into a fully-fledged POS system, depending on the work area. Despite its compact measurements of 212 x 230 x 65 mm the Glancetron 9580 brings the following to the table: an Intel Celeron J1900 processor with...
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Elegant, compact label printing: the CL-E321 from Citizen
Epson TM-J7200/7700: crisp receipts from inkjet multi-station printing
Jarltech: the first name on the street
Elo Backpack: a display becomes a touchcomputer
Zebra MC55X-HC: the daily helper for caregivers, lab techs, etc.
New revision of the X-Series from Elo Touch Solutions
Zebra LI3608-ER & LI3678-ER: the extremely well thought-out scanner...
Getac makes old new: the revision of the V110
A good take-off: the smart mobile computer SM15 from M3 Mobile
One drives, one holds down the fort: Datalogic Blackline SH15 & SH21
Document management ΰ la Epson
Now at Jarltech: versatile mobile printing from Brother
Colormetrics P4500: Change your POV. Change your POS.
Portable Citizen printer with Apple MFi certification
Glancetron 9580 – the foundation of the tailor-made POS
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