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Elo offers new display sizes for its interactive EloPOS system!16.01.2020
With its splash water-protected 15.6" full HD touchdisplay the versatile EloPOS AiO system from Elo was specifically developed for the point of sale in retail, gastronomy and hospitality. Because of its popularity, Elo has introduced two additional display sizes to the market: 15" and 22". This gives users many new application possibilities.The EloPOS system is equipped with 8th generation Intel processors...
M3 Mobile SL10 Series - compact lightweights for mobile usage20.12.2019
Thanks to their very compact and handy design, the Android mobile computers of the M3 Mobile SL10 Series fit into almost any pocket - ideal for the labor-intensive areas of warehouses, restaurants and retail.A 5" HD color touch display (SL10K: 4" WVGA touch display), a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and a powerful 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery ensure the excellent performance of the SL10 Series. An integrated...
Epson TM-C710 – for attention-grabbing coupons16.12.2019
The full-colour coupon printer Epson TM-C710 fits into almost any POS with its compact design, and it is also suitable for printing at events. Depending upon the need it generates individual coupons in full colour up to 130 mm/sec., which clearly differ visibly from normal receipts and simplify targeted advertising campaigns. A particular benefit of the TM-C710 are its large-volume ink cartridges and...
Alternative power option for Zebra’s DS8178 and DS8178-HC26.11.2019
Zebra offers a second replaceable power option for its high-performance Bluetooth area imagers, the DS8178 and DS8178-HC: a PowerCap capacitor. As a result, your customers no longer need to buy new battery-free or battery-powered devices, but rather, swap the power source of their DS8100 model on-site. When fully charged the PowerCap capacitor lasts up to 2,000 scans. It also requires only 35 seconds...
Elo PayPoint 3.0 thrills big at the small POS25.11.2019
Elo PayPoint (Plus) 3.0 is the latest all-in-one mPOS POS system in the Elo PayPoint Series. Its aesthetic, space-saving design makes it suitable for almost every modern retail or hospitality POS. It also delights with a high level of reliability, which is ensured by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android operating system. Its equipment also includes a fully integrated 2D barcode scanner,...
Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 HC – multi-purpose mobile terminal for...21.11.2019
Honeywell's full-touch mobile terminal, the ScanPal EDA51 HC, is suitable for almost all healthcare environments with its disinfectant-resistant housing and IP64 certification, and may be carried in trousers or a smock pocket all day long, thanks to its lightweight and slim design.Reliable operational readiness is ensured by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450 processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash, as well...
Interactive enhanced - Elo I-Series 3.0 for Android21.11.2019
Elo has upgraded its popular I-Series with three widescreen 10", 15" or 22" touchdisplays - the I-Series 3.0 for Android. With a modular design, the new displays may be used in portrait, landscape and table formats - making them the ideal partners for lifelike and interactive in-store advertising in a wide range of retail environments. Top-class operational readiness is ensured via high-performance...
Honeywell CT40-HC – Mobile computer with high data security14.11.2019
The Honeywell CT40-HC mobile computer takes a lot, thanks to its disinfectant-resistant housing, IP64 certification and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 capacitive touch screen. It also meets all data protection requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level 1, making it ideal for virtually any healthcare work area.The CT40-HC is based on the uniform Mobility Edge platform and has an Android operating system with updates...
Elo 5553L – Interactive 55" 4K display14.11.2019
The Elo 5553L is the newest member of the Elo IDS family. Its 55" 4K display is available with interactive PCAP or infrared touch technology and is designed for long-term commercial use - ideal for the retail, hospitality, restaurant or healthcare industries.No matter what the display is used for, it is flexible and provides more interactivity everywhere. Thanks to the integration of an Elo computer...
Zebra HD4000 – feather-light display glasses for production and...12.11.2019
The Zebra HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display glasses feature a particularly practical real-time field of view and weigh less than 30 grams. Thereby they offer all-day wearing comfort in warehousing and production.The HD4000 is equipped with an OLED colour display, a head tracker with a 9 axis position sensor, an integrated microphone and an optional 5 megapixel camera. The display glasses are powered...
Zebra RS5100 – Bluetooth ring scanner for demanding tasks11.11.2019
The robust Bluetooth ring scanner Zebra RS5100 is suitable for both right- and left-handers and weighs just 70 grams. As a result, you carry it almost anywhere in the warehouse, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, sales and field service throughout the entire day.Equipped with a replaceable 480 mAh battery (expandable to 735 mAh), NFC and Bluetooth, the RS5100 remains connected even up to 90...
Colourful update for the Zebra ZT400 Series31.10.2019
The Zebra ZT400 Series of mid-range printers get an update with new features, for even greater print results. These include either a multi-line, symbol-based 4.3" touch colour display or a black-and-white LCD display.In addition to USB and RS-232, the ZT400 Series comes standard with the interfaces Bluetooth 4.1 and two USB host ports. Plus, Zebra optionally offers an 802.11ac WLAN card and an applicator...
TSC TDM-20 – mobile label printer for daily use29.10.2019
The TSC TDM-20 is a mobile barcode label printer for daily use in warehouses, retail, mPOS and transportation. It quickly generates labels and receipts up to 102 mm/sec. and at a resolution of up to 203 dpi.The TDM-20 is equipped with five LEDs, a powerful 1,130 mAh battery with a battery management system, the self-diagnostic tool TPH Care and a multi-interface. Plus, it supports pre-installed OPOS...
More power: new versions of the Getac F110, V110 and S41023.10.2019
Getac launches new versions of its popular F110 tablet, as well as the V110 and S410 notebooks. Whether in the field or in harsh work environments, the devices inspire with their robust design and high performance.The new versions of the F110 tablet and the V110 notebook now have a full HD display for even sharper images and increased storage capacity, thanks to a standard 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.The...
Elo offers new display sizes for its interactive EloPOS system!
M3 Mobile SL10 Series - compact lightweights for mobile usage
Epson TM-C710 – for attention-grabbing coupons
Alternative power option for Zebra’s DS8178 and DS8178-HC
Elo PayPoint 3.0 thrills big at the small POS
Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 HC – multi-purpose mobile terminal for...
Interactive enhanced - Elo I-Series 3.0 for Android
Honeywell CT40-HC – Mobile computer with high data security
Elo 5553L – Interactive 55" 4K display
Zebra HD4000 – feather-light display glasses for production and...
Zebra RS5100 – Bluetooth ring scanner for demanding tasks
Colourful update for the Zebra ZT400 Series
TSC TDM-20 – mobile label printer for daily use
More power: new versions of the Getac F110, V110 and S410
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