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 New touchmonitor trio from iiyama for demanding environments (08/17)
iiyama has brought three new large-format touchdisplays onto the market. Excite your customers now with interactive 4K monitors featuring screen sizes of 65'', 75'' and 86'' – the equivalent of a large 165, 190 and 217 cm. All three models are designed for intensive long-term operation, and pay off particularly in training rooms, conference centers, meeting rooms, or even in classrooms and auditoriums. 24/7 operation is also possible.

The new displays process up to 20 simultaneous entries via infrared technology, meaning that they also register presentation tools besides fingers and styluses. Optionally integrated is a WLAN module for the wireless forwarding of documents and media data. Thanks to pre-installed software, this data may be directly presented and edited on the monitors.

Discover these and other interactive large-format displays now from your sales representative:call us today!
 The CCC from Anker: meticulous workmanship for more security (08/17)
The new Cash & Carry money cassette CCC from ANKER was developed to meet particularly high security standards. The cassette, base plate and money insert are made of metal.

The stainless steel outer lid is not only scratch-resistant, but also corrosion and acid-resistant. The CCC is locked electronically so that there is no padlock for a drill or other burglary tools to tamper with. Inside there is a banknote compartment and eight removable ANKER Coin Cups for keeping things tidy. Just like all money drawers and cassettes from ANKER, the CCC is also compatible with all POS systems.

Pre-order the CCC now - just give your sales representative a call today!
 How the AiO touchcomputer 15E3 from Elo scores big at the POS (08/17)
Choose the new all-in-one touchcomputer 15E3 from Elo if you need an elegant yet space-saving POS system with an excellent price-performance ratio for retail and hospitality.

Its 15'' touchscreen in 4:3 format features a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, 315 Nits of brightness and two different touchsystems: depending on the requirement the surface is either capacitive or resistive. Both variants are zero-bezel. By not using mechanical ventilation it operates nearly silently, thus generating only a minimal amount of dust. For all the desired peripheral devices there are four USB, two RS232, one RJ12 cash drawer port and one VGA interface available.

For more details contact your sales representative: make the call today!
 CMP-20II and CMP-30II: Citizen mobile printing reconceptualized (08/17)
Citizen presents two comprehensive upgrades to its mobile printing portfolio, with the direct thermal receipt printers CMP-20II and CMP-30II - two ideal models for mobile receipt, delivery note or ticket printing.

They feature Bluetooth 4.2 and nearly 20% more battery capacity than the predecessors CMP-20 and CM-30, without adding weight! In addition, the memory and processor have been enhanced, so that the printers not only support ESC/POS and CPCL, but also other downloadable emulations from ZPL. For the smooth exchange from old to new, both models are backwards compatible.

To learn more about Citizen's mobile printing upgrade, simply contact your sales representative - call today!
 Datalogic places great importance on healthcare - with the new Memor X3 HC (07/17)
Datalogic's high-performing, ergonomic mobile computer Memor X3 has proven itself in numerous sectors.

Now the product line has been expanded to include a healthcare variant: it contains all the benefits you are accustomed to with the Memor X3 - such as a 2D imager and Datalogic's patented Green Spot technology - and adds to it robust housing capable of withstanding harsh cleansers and disinfectants long-term. Thus, the Memor X3 HC is optimal for nursing care facilities, laboratories, pharmacies and other medical facilities where the hygiene requirements are particularly high. Naturally, it is compatible with the existing Memor X3 accessories.

Make new customers in the healthcare sector now - call your sales representative to place your order!
 TM-m10 receipt printer from Epson: little helper, big pro (07/17)
With just 10 x 10 cm the new TM-m10 from Epson is one of the smallest receipt printers on the market. Users in retail and hospitality not only save space, but also money, since the 2'' ePOS printer is known for its excellent price-performance ratio.

Add to this high flexibility: depending on the requirement the TM-m10 switches from top output to front output in a matter of seconds. It is equipped with a USB or dual USB/Bluetooth interface and supports Windows, Android and even Apple iOS - for printing from nearly any common device.

Order the Epson TM-m10 from your sales representative: give us a call today!
 Direct part marking with the Honeywell Granit 1920i DPM (07/17)
Honeywell has expanded its Granit line to include a model capable of capturing DPM barcodes, the new 1920i DPM.

With its special lighting system the new Granit captures nearly all DPM barcodes - independent of the labelling technique which is used or the surface. Even reflective surfaces are no problem. The 1920i DPM captures commonly printed barcodes just as reliably as all the models of the Granit line, and is just as robust. With high precision and performance, the new Granit is optimal for the automobile and aviation industries, as well as other industrial applications.

To learn more, simply contact your sales representative - make the call today!
 iiyama desktop monitors XB27/B27: ergonomic and easy on the eyes (07/17)
With the new 27'' full HD monitors XB27/B27 iiyama expands its ProLite line to include a real all-rounder.

Whether you are looking for LCD monitors for image editing, web design or even gaming: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of resolution, 300 Nits of brightness and 16.7 million displayable colors upgrade every area of usage with brilliant, crisp images. Flicker-free lighting and a reducible blue light component make the XB27/B27 monitors particularly easy on the eyes. Height-adjustable, operable in either landscape or portrait format and easy to mount onto the wall or monitor arms (thanks to the practical VESA holder), the monitors are easily adaptable to the user's needs.

Are you interested in the new XB27/B27 monitors from iiyama? Then call us now to place your order!
 Always optimally connected with the Star mobile printer SM-L300 (07/17)
The mobile receipt and label printer Star SM-L300 excites customers with excellent connectivity: via Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 the SM-L300 communicates not only with Windows and Android, but also Apple iOS devices - and, as needed, even with multiple ones simultaneously.

Additionally, it convinces with its impressive 41-hour battery life, and that during constant operation with a print command every five minutes. Thus, the SM-L300 is just as well suited for applications in logistics as it is for ticketing and receipt printing in the field. For an immediate start-up everything you need is included in the delivery: printer, battery, USB charging cable, belt clip and your first receipt roll.

Order the new Star SM-L300 directly at Jarltech: give us a call now!
 ZT500 and ZT600: a secure investment for industrial printing with Zebra (07/17)
With the Series ZT500 and ZT600 Zebra presents two label printers for the harshest conditions in the industry, warehouse and shipping. Robust full metal components and smart design elements - such as for keeping out dust - ensure 24/7 for uninterrupted operation.

The budget-friendly ZT500 Series impresses with its quality print results in 300 dpi, while the ZT600 models are also able to generate micro labels in 600 dpi. Both printers may be easily incorporated into existing networks, thanks to Link-OS. Together with numerous expansion and upgrade options, your customers are equally well equipped for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Pre-order both series at Jarltech now - call today!
 The 5502L: Elo's new interactive large format display (07/17)
With the 55'' 5502L Elo has expanded its IDS Series to include another eye-catching large format touchmonitor for 24/7 operation. With brilliant colors, 450 Nits of brightness and a slim 51 mm depth, it is ideal for animating people in retail, hotels, infomation kiosks or corporate reception areas.

You have your choice of touch technologies - among them PCAP, which drives the 5502L behind a protective layer of glass. Add to this: with the help of special modules you expand the touchscreen into a fully-fledged Windows or Android computer.

Are you interested in the interactive displays from Elo? Then call us now!
 Zebra's handy mobile printer EZ320 for labels and receipts (07/17)
Zebra's mobile direct thermal printer EZ320 creates its own class: including its rechargeable battery, the device weighs only 290 g. But it still has all you need in order to print labels and receipts at a speed of up to 50 mm/sec. with a resolution of 203 dpi. Its housing even resists drops of 1.2 m on concrete.

The EZ320 connects with other devices via Bluetooth 2.0 while being carried around at the user's belt. It is able to handle print media of 60 or 80 mm, which are easily and quickly replaced. So is the battery. Thanks to the optional charger, an additional battery is always ready to carry on.

The lightweight EZ320 has caught your attention? Then call us right away!
 The Getac A140: robustness on a large scale (06/17)
The Getac A140 with a 14'' touch display is not only the largest fully rugged tablet from Getac currently, it is also the safest. A TPM 2.0 chip checks for manipulation attempts before each system boot. The A140 also fully supports the newest Windows authentication tools, including Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport and Credential Guard.

In addition to reliable security the tablet impresses, of course, with its extremely robust construction, for which Getac is best known. It is certified to meet IP65 and MIL-STD-810G standards, providing protection against vibrations, impacts, drops and other adversities in the industry and the field. The touch display is operable with gloves and is easily readable in full sunlight, thanks to a brightness of 1,000 Nits.

Would you like to learn more? Contact your sales representative today!
 Honeywell's mobile computer CK75: smaller, lighter, faster (06/17)
The new Honeywell CK75 ultra-rugged mobile computer is extremely robust, but at the same time nearly a third smaller and lighter than comparable MDAs in this category.

It has everything you need to convince long-term in demanding logistics and shipping environments: impact resistance from heights up to 2.4 m, protection against dust and water (IP67) and a scratch-proof touch screen surface made of Gorilla glass. Thus, the CK75 takes everything that the logistics daily routine throws at it - even with changing work requirements: as needed it immediately switches between near and far scanning functions, as well as image or speech capture. It is also available with either Android or Windows.

To learn more about the mobile computer simply contact your sales representative - give us a call today!
 Next, please: Zebra's area imager DS8108 replaces DS6700 Series (06/17)
Zebra's 1D and 2D scanners of the DS6700 Series are being discontinued effective 31 July. But there is no reason to panic: the new and improved Zebra DS8108 is already available.

Just like its predecessor, the powerful area imager captures information from images and documents, and is configurable via remote access. The DS8108 also reliably (and extremely quickly) captures the new invisible Digimarc barcodes.

To learn more or place your order directly, simply call your sales representative today!
 TSC MH240 Series: mid-range label printing at up to 600 dpi (06/17)
With the MH240 Series TSC brings direct thermal and thermal transfer printers for the mid-range area onto the market.

You generate labels up to 114 mm wide at 356 mm per second, and for particularly detailed results they provide a print resolution of up to 600 dpi. All the relevant information about the device's status and consumables is presented on the touch panel, which is both clearly arranged and easy to use. Plus, even unschooled users exchange the print head and print roller within seconds - and without tools.

Would you like to learn more about the MH240 Series? Then give us a call today!
 The Dolphin CT50h - a smart healthcare mobile computer from Honeywell (06/17)
Honeywell brings a reliable mobile computer for doctors, caretakers, medical staff and therapists onto the market with its Dolphin CT50h. This well thought out mobile computer with a smartphone design is a 2D barcode scanner, mobile office and means of communication for users, among others. Capture relevant data on syringes, test tubes and patient wristbands with the high-performance 2D barcode scanner, plus mobile services provide users with real-time access to data. This reduces the danger of treatment mistakes based on missing or misinformation to a minimum.

Are you interested in ordering the healthcare computer right now? Then simply give us a call!
 New arrival: the new Jarltech Update magazine (05/17)
The new Jarltech Update is here and, like you are accustomed to, this issue of the magazine also gives you the latest innovations and developments from the Auto-ID market.

A lot has happened, too: the Datalogic portfolio has expanded to include an RFID reader and writer, IDS monitors from iiyama have grown to an impressive 86'' and Zebra has announced its next generation of scanners. There is also a tablet PC from Colormetrics which is expandable to become a POS system, the C1000 mPOS. Jarltech partners will find their copy of the Update in their mailbox. But for those of you who are impatient there is also an
online version avaiable.

Of course, your sales representative will gladly provide you with additional information concerning the depicted articles. Call today!
 Free-of-charge OS update for Honeywell's CT50, Dolphin 75e and CN51 (05/17)
Resellers who have purchased one or more CT50, Dolphin 75e or CN51 mobile computers from Honeywell are now eligible for a free-of-charge OS upgrade. This way, you offer mobile computers with the current operating system, or you bring models already in use up to date.

Buyers of the CN51 receive an upgrade to Android 6 Marshmallow, buyers of the CT50 and/or Dolphin 75e get Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise or Android 6 - depending on the original operating system.

This offer is valid until 31 December 2017. Your sales representative will gladly provide you with more details - call today!
 Space-saving ANKER Flexi Stands now also for Colormetrics systems (04/17)
The practical Flexi Stands from ANKER are now also available for Colormetrics systems - so you not only offer your customers more flexibility, but also the opportunity to effectively save space: simply remove the panel PC of a model from its stand (for example, the Colormetrics P4100), and mount it in three adjustable heights to an ANKER Flexi Stand via a VESA mounting plate - bothersome power and connection cables simple disappear inside the tube. The combination of ANKER and Colormetrics is ideally suited for usage in retail where space is limited, in supermarkets or gas stations.

Order ANKER Flexi Stands and Colormetrics POS systems together: make the call now!
 C1000 mPOS: unlimited mobility at the POS (04/17)
The new modular POS system C1000 mPOS from Colormetrics shows how mobility at the POS should be! The device consists of three components: a tablet PC (the actual system), an expansion cover and a docking station as a stand. To flexibly utilize the system in all business spaces the user simply removes it from the docking station. The cover protects the tablet PC in case of a fall, plus offers space for many expansions - from a barcode scanner to an NFC reader/writer, everything you need for a fully-fledged POS system is there.

Whether in retail, hospitality or other sectors: the C1000 mPOS integrates itself into practically every infrastructure - taken care of by the selection of various connectivity configurations for the docking station. Colormetrics offers you a wide variety of possibilities to customize the new mPOS system to individual needs.

Want to learn more? Call us today!
 Elo's 90 Series now supports HDMI video (04/17)
With the second revision of its 90 Series Elo has given its embedded monitors an additional HDMI video port so that customers continue to find the corresponding Elo display to meet their quality requirements in the future. Together with the existing VGA and display ports, connectivity options for a particularly broad application spectrum are ensured. Besides the HDMI port there are no other changes to the 90 Series. Peripheral devices for previous versions remain compatible with the new monitors.

Do you still need models from the last revision, or do you wish to purchase Elo's brand new 90 Series with the HDMI port? In either case, call us today!
 PC42d: Honeywell's new market-entry label printer (04/17)
With the new direct thermal label printer PC42d Honeywell brings a desktop model onto the market which is perfect for low to medium print volumes. It has a resolution of 203 dpi and supports a wide range of printer languages, thansk to ZPL II, EPL and DP. From its compact size (222.5 x 184 x 174 mm) to the simple label exchange to the practical viewing window for monitoring the print status, the PC42d convinces from its very first use.

If your customers in retail, shipping centers, ticket sales and similar areas of application are looking for a cost-effective market-entry label printer, then this is the ideal model for them. Your sales representative will gladly answer any further questions about the PC42d: call today!
 An asset for every POS: Metapace has a new website (03/17)
The website from the POS hardware vendor Metapace has been completely revamped. Particularly worth mentioning is the intuitive user handling, which directly leads the visitor to the sought-after information. Unchanged is the high-quality portfolio: barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers and label printers for the professional POS. Metapace is most well-known for being ready to use out-of-the-box. But excellent performance, compatability and long life cycles are also characteristic for Metapace POS hardware.

All models are available at Jarltech, on average directly from stock - call now to place your order!
 From POS to customer terminal in an instant with Elo's new mPOS stand (03/17)
The new mPOS printer stand from Elo amazes with its great flexibility and expandability. Equipped with an mPOS-capable touchscreen, you use the practical system both as a POS and a self-service terminal. With one simple rotation the customer makes his selection, enters his data and signs (or similar).

Additionally, the stand is equipped with the corresponding recess for a 3'' POS printer. Magnetic stripe readers and scanners optimally integrate themselves as well into the overall look.

Ask your sales representative about the corresponding product combinations - make the call!
 The new Wavepos 66 from Poslab: high performance at a low price tag (03/17)
A POS which offers a lot but costs only a little: with the Wavepos 66 from Poslab you receive an unbelievably affordable all-in-one POS system that is second to none in the market-entry segment. The resistive 15'' touch screen allows for intuitive navigation and the SSD memory with 64 GB offers more than enough space for all common applications in retail and hospitality.

As needed, meet individual needs with peripheral devices (such as a magnetic stripe reader or a separate customer display).

The Poslab Wavepos 66 is the ideal model for replacing an old POS. Your sales representative will gladly assist you here - call today!
 Print directly from the cloud with Epson's new TM-T88VI-iHub (03/17)
Its versatile connectivity options particularly pre-destine Epson's new POS printer TM-T88VI-iHub for ePOS applications. Easily connect peripheral devices, such as a barcode scanner, keyboard or waiter's lock, easily via USB. The printer itself communicates via the cloud - with your PC, tablet, smartphone or notebook. It prints from a web application with an enormous 350 mm/sec. Thus, there is no need for the time-consuming installation of drivers - users remain flexible, since they are not bound to a particular location for print jobs.

For more information contact your sales representative - call today!
 All good things come to an end: EOL announced for many Elo embedded monitors (02/17)
Elo is taking a large number of embedded monitors out of its product line. In 2016 it was already announced that Elo now wishes to concentrate more on the devices of the 90-Series, and the variously available formats.

The following models are being discontinued: 1247L, 1537L, 1541L, 1739L, 1930L, 1931L, 1937L, 1939L, 1940L, 2243L, 2244L, 2440L and 2740L.

If you do not want to say goodbye to these devices, many variants can still be ordered from Jarltech: call us today!
 New Zebra ZXP Series 9: card printing with the best speed in its class (01/17)
The new card printers of the Zebra ZXP Series 9 combine a high security standard and photo-quality image printing with excellent speed. With up to 190 cards per hour the series is one of the fastest in its class.

Thanks to thermal transfer printing (which ensures for tamper-proof cards), the ZXP Series 9 card printers are predestined for authorities, hospitals, administration and other security-relevant application areas. The automatic foil covering (with lamination option) guarantees a longer durability for IDs, money cards and access cards. A lifetime warranty on the print head brings you additional security with simultaneous cost control.

For additional information contact your sales representative - call today!
 New: Datalogic PowerScan 9500-RT Series brings robustness to retail (01/17)
Datalogic has expanded the PowerScan Series to include special variants for retail. The models PD9500-RT, PM9500-RT and PBT9500-RT combine the proven robustness of the PowerScan family with an elegant design. They are available either as corded or wireless variants (Bluetooth or Datalogic's STAR narrow band radio), so you simply choose the variant which best suits your needs.

The 2D imagers are ideally protected against falls and the ingress of dust and liquids (thanks to IP65 certification). The powerful scan engine reads not only all common 1D and 2D barcodes, but also invisible Digimarc barcodes. Versions with a display and keyboard ensure for extra user-friendliness.

Learn about all the details from your sales representative - make the call today!
 New Datalogic PowerScan 9300 Series for demanding applications (12/16)
Datalogic presents its new PowerScan 9300 Series. The industrial scanners PD9330, PM9300 and PBT9300 are the direct successors to the successful 8300 Series. Thanks to their robust, IP65-certified construction they are recommended for demanding applications in the industry and production. You have your choice between a corded or cordless variant (Bluetooth or Datalogic's STAR narrow band radio), for whichever better suits your needs. Depending on the area of application you choose between either the standard range (0 - 1.6 m) or auto range (20 cm - 11.5 m). Their ergonomic design, plus the variants with a display and keypad additionally increase their user-friendliness. For more information contact your sales representative - make the call today!
 Elo X-Series now with Windows 10 operating system (12/16)
Elo Touch Solutions now also offers the modular POS systems of the X-Series with the Windows 10 operating system and makes you fit for the future. Its modular concept is also future-oriented, since you only pay for what you need. Thanks to the same construction, no additional maintenance efforts are needed. The Elo X-Series is available as a 15'', 17'' or 20'' touchscreen and with up to 16 GB. Leading touch technologies and a variety of accessory parts additionally increase both the added value and profit. Your sales representative will gladly give you all the information you need - call today!
 Giant 4K monitor for enormous possibilities: the new 86'' iiyama ProLite IDS touchmonitor (12/16)
iiyama shows it's true size: on an amazing screen size of 86'' (217 cm) the new iiyama ProLite TH8667MIS-B1AG presents images, videos and graphics in the highest 4K quality. With optimal readability and 20 independent touch points, the display is predestined for interactive applications in retail, conference centers and other business applications. Integrated software, USB playback and practical picture-in-picture function offer additional advantages. Contact your sales representative for all the details - make the call today!
 Manage printers and mobile computers worry-free - with Honeywell services (11/16)
That first cup of coffee in the morning makes your day start off better. For the same price you keep that good feeling for years to come: with the Honeywell services for printers and mobile computers. At the same time you increase your profit and secure recurring monthly income. Your customers additionally benefit from continuous professional support and maximum hardware usage times. Make the decision to be on the safe side when purchasing a Honeywell printer or mobile computer - with service. Ask for a consultation! Be sure to include it with your order - make the call now!
 TSC MX240P: new ultra high-speed industrial printer (11/16)
TSC has brought its new industrial printer series MX240P onto the market. As the direct successor to the successful MX240 Series, it shines most with its optimized print resolution, print speed and print length. Its speed is particularly extreme: the 203 dpi variant prints with up to 457 mm per second. Variants with 300 dpi and 600 dpi complete the series. The colour 4.3'' touch panel and 6 menu keys additionally increase user friendliness. For more information about the new industrial printer series give your sales representative a call - simply make the call today!
 Replace a Zebra industrial printer and secure extra SalesPower³ points (11/16)
Now there is a little something extra for you in Zebra's premium programme SalesPower³: you receive double the premium points when you purchase a ZT230 tabletop label printer . The ZT230 is the optimal successor everywhere the discontinued predecessor S4M is currently being used. You receive five additional premium points on the purchase of a ZT410. The ZT410 mid-range label printer delivers more performance for the money, and among others, lightning quick speed. Place your order now with your sales representative - call today!
 Zebra TC51/TC56: smartphone and MDA uncompromisingly combined (11/16)
The new Zebra touch computer TC51/TC56 combines the powerful features of an MDA terminal with the look and feel of a smartphone. With the large 5" HD touch display, Android operating system, 13 megapixel camera, NFC and 4G (TC56) you will not find its equal. The mobile computer is ideally suited for mobile usage in retail and logistics - with or without customer contact. Equipped with a fast 4G (TC56), 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth 4.1 access to real-time data is guaranteed at all times. A large selection of accessories, such as car chargers, cradles, protective covers and pistol grips give you numerous opportunities for additional business. For more information, prices and delivery times contact your sales representative - call today!
 New tablet partner: Datalogic RIDA mini scanner (11/16)
Datalogic introduces the new area imager RIDA DBT6400. This ultra-compact wireless scanner is designed for usage with tablets and smartphones, whether with an Android, iOS or Windows operating system. This handy companion improves efficiency and time expenditure in scanning applications - particularly on the sales floor in retail, in smaller warehouses and in healthcare (a special healthcare variant is available). Even beyond the Bluetooth range of 25 m the RIDA reliably stores up to 2,00 barcodes, and performs »like the big boys«. Order the RIDA DBT6400 direct from stock at Jarltech - call today!
 Datalogic mobile computer Elf to be discontinued: order now at Jarltech! (11/16)
The industrial PDA Elf from Datalogic will be discontinued effective 31 March 2017. At Jarltech you may still order several variants direct from stock. There are no plans for a direct sucessor to this successful model. Therefore, contact your affected customers early. For the time period later than 31 March 2017 Datalogic recommends the handy Lynx mobile computer and the robust Skorpio X3. For customers who are interested in a full-touch device, we recommend the Android mobile computer DL-Axist, as well as the Joya Touch.
To place your order of all Datalogic mobile computers simply call your sales representative - don't delay, call today!
 More possibilities: mobile computer DL Axist now available with 3G/4G (11/16)
Datalogic has brought the 3G/4G version of the DL Axist mobile computer onto the market, thereby opening the door to many new opportunities. Thanks to enterprise class assisted GPS (A-GPS) and mobile voice and data communication, the full-touch Android PDA is suitable for a broad spectrum of outdoor applications. It supports mobile workers in production, logistics or hospitality. In addition to these innovations, the 3G/4G variant shines with all the advantages of a WLAN model: high resolution 5" HD multi-touch display, integrated 2D imager with Datalogic's patented Green Spot technology, as well as industrial-suited housing. For more details about the DL Axist contact your sales representative - simply call today!
 Touch in 4K: new 65'' IDS monitor from iiyama with high colour precision (10/16)
iiyama has introduced its new large format IDS display ProLite TF6537UHSC-B1AG. Every graphic is presented in the greatest detail in 4K resolution on the gigantic 65'' monitor. Thanks to high-quality IPS panel technology viewers benefit from excellent colour precision, which also remains true even from the most varying of viewing angles. Thus, the display is recommended for various applications in retail, as a kiosk system, for interactive presentations and much more. The proven PCAP touch technology from iiyama supports up to 50 touch points, therefore offering users a unique interactive touch experience. The extremely robust glass surface ensures for the necessary safety in daily use. Learn more from your sales representative simply call today!
 The new Jarltech main catalogue is here! (10/16)
With our new main catalogue 2016/2017 you hold the entire Jarltech portfolio in your hands. Inside you will find hundreds of products from 20 international top brands in the POS and Auto-ID industry on nearly 400 pages. Use it as a reference guide and inspiration for new projects; plus find the right solution for each of your customers. Detailed product overviews make comparisons easier for you.

Brand new for you: our catalogue is also available to you as a practical online
ePaper catalogue for skimming through. All the contents are just a few clicks away, plus you save yourself from having to carry along a printed copy.
Discover the entire Jarltech array and contact your customer service representative to request your personal printed copy.
 Price reduction on selected large format monitors from Elo (09/16)
Elo Touch Solutions has lowered the prices on numerous Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) models, as well as the 32'' to 55'' large format open-frame touchmonitors. The elegant design of the Elo touchmonitors fits perfectly into modern retail environments, offices or public areas. The displays are all equipped with capacitive touch technologies and support up to 10 touch points. Optionally the monitors are also available with an integrated PC module, and operate independently with an Android or Windows operating system. For more information about the reduced models and their prices ask your sales representative - make the call today!
 Honeywell ScanPal EDA50: a mobile terminal with the user-friendliness of a smartphone (08/16)
Honeywell has brought its new mobile terminal ScanPal EDA50 onto the market. The compact MDA is the direct successor to the successful ScanPal SP5100, and is entirely set up for today's requirements. Instead of a keyboard the MDA features a 5'' full touch display, giving you a larger viewing field, plus more productivity in the office and the field. The integrated barcode scanner easily recognizes nearly all common 1D and 2D barcodes, thanks to the powerful HI2D scan engine. Additionally, the ScanPal EDA50 offers many opportunities for wireless and corded data transfer. For more information, simply contact your sales representative - make the call today!
 Epson lowers list prices - selected POS printers permanently reduced (08/16)
Epson has lowered the list prices for selected receipt printers. This affects the Ethernet versions of the POS printers TM-T20II and TM-U220, as well as the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet variants of the receipt printer TM-T70II. The printers are particularly well known for their simple handling and ensure for quick, constant printing of sales slips and receipts, even in highly frequented areas (like hospitality and retail). Log in to the Jarltech website now and discover your individual prices, or simply call your sales representative - call today!
 Change now: the new Epson TM-T88VI (06/16)
Epson presents the TM-T88VI POS printer. The sixth generation of the successful model impresses with many intelligent features of the Epson TM-intelligent series, as well as top performance data. The TM-T88VI supports, among others, the simultaneous operation of both traditional and tablet-based checkouts, allows for Direct Server Print and the usage of Beacons. Additionally, it scores highly with a print speed of up to 350 mm per second, increased reliability and a standard integrated multi-interface, including Ethernet. Make the change now to the head of the class - simply call your sales representative to place your order!
 Zebra ZD420: simplicity made even more attractive (05/16)
Zebra has significantly reduced the list price of the ribbon cartridges for the ZD420 label printer - thus making both the printer and the consumable even more attractive for your customers. The price reduction applies to the wax and wax/resin ribbons. Let the simplicity of the ZD420 and its innovative ribbon cartridge system convince you and your customers: ribbon changes take only a few seconds, even for untrained users. The simplicity also reveals itself in the numerous expansions, such as a peeler, cutter and Ethernet interface, all of which are retrofittable anytime on-site in a few simple steps. For more details simply contact your sales representative - call today!
 More performance and security for Getac's F110 and V110 (05/16)
Getac presents the new generation of the tablet PC F110 and the convertible notebook V110. What's new? The powerful 6th generation Intel Core processors, plus more memory. Your customers benefit from optimized image processing, network connection and energy efficiency. The F110 and V110 also feature increased security: thanks to Intel Authenticate technology, which captures PINs, encodes and stores passwords, access rights and other identification data, you reliably protect against unauthorized access attempts. Learn more about the new generation of mobile data processing from your sales representative - simply call us today!
 Big price reductions on Metapace Bluetooth scanners! (05/16)
Metapace has drastically reduced the prices on two of its Bluetooth scanners. Effective immediately, you receive the linear imager S-2 and area imager S-22 at Jarltech at an even lower price. The Metapace S-2 not only has an aggressive scan engine, but also large memory for up to 32,000 scans. This way, it allows for long-term operation even without a host connection. The powerful battery in the S-22 lasts up to 16 hours, noticeably longer than a full shift. Both scanners are usable in either handheld or presentation mode, and feature a range of up to 90 m. Log in to see your individual reseller price, or give your customer service representative a call - make the call today!
 Honeywell completely integrates Datamax-O'Neil (05/16)
Starting now, you will find all products from Honeywell and Datamax-O'Neil in the Jarltech webshop together under the producer Honeywell / Datamax. The product names, article numbers and prices, of course, do not change - they all stay the same. In case you are unable to find a product, simply contact your customer service representative - call today!
 Mobile printer Citizen CMP-40L: reliability in a compact form (05/16)
The new mobile printer Citizen CMP-40L concentrates on what is important to mobile workers in logistics and in the field: reliability. This compact thermal printer, tucked into robust IP54-certified plastic housing, withstands drops from 1.8 m and other wear and tear without any damage. The CMP-40L prints labels and receipts up to a width of 112 mm at a speed of up to 80 mm/sec. A colour display and integrated peeler make the mobile printer particularly user friendly. Get more information today from your customer service representative - make the call today!
 New: More secure Getac S410 semi-rugged notebook for field work (04/16)
The new Getac S410 semi-rugged notebook unites typical business-device performance in a highly robust military-standard housing. With its hard drive protected against vibration, membrane keyboard and sealed interface ports, this notebook withstands drops up to 90 cm and prevents intrusion of dust and liquids. The newest processor technology, combined with up to 16 GB DDR3 RAM, offers all the resources users need even for highest application requirements. Its 14'' display with optional multi-touch functionality ensures for unrestricted working outside, even in the sunlight, thanks to its brightness up to 1,000 nits. Learn more from your sales representative - simply call us today!
 Zebra: former Psion terminals now available at Jarltech (04/16)
Jarltech now offers you Zebra's mobile computing product line, formerly Psion. Their portfolio is extended by 3 products: the vehicle terminal VH10 and the mobile computers Workabout Pro 4 and Omnii XT 15 Series. These devices are characterized especially through their modular design that enables custom after-sales refitting, thus ensuring the devices remain suitable for future requirements. Their highly robust housings allow you to implement these mobile computers into special applications in adverse environments often found in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. Ask your sales representative for additional information - simply call us today!
 Unstoppable and robust: the new Zebra industrial scanner 3600 Series (04/16)
Zebra presents a new family of highly robust barcode scanners with its 3600 Series. All models in the series are characterized by their unconditional robustness and performance. The ultra-robust IP67-certified housing protects against dust and liquids, making the models suitable for operation in challenging environments, such as in production and warehouses. The scanners of the 3600 Series easily withstand drops from up to 2.4 m, making them up to 23% longer wearing than their comparable counterparts. Numerous available variants make your selection easy, even for special applications. Available now at Jarltech are the corded variants for 1D barcodes (LI3608) and 2D barcodes (DS3608). The Bluetooth models will be available later this year. For more details simply contact your sales representative - give us a call today!
 Greater security: get 3 years warranty with Colormetrics (03/16)
Starting now, every new Colormetrics all-in-one POS system comes with 3 years warranty, standard. The change is valid for the P2100, P2500, P3100, P3300 models and the widescreen system Vion. This increases investment security for you and your customers and thus makes the checkout systems even more attractive. All models are generally available from stock – simply call us today!
 Simplicity renewed - the Zebra ZD420 label printer (03/16)
With its new desktop label printer ZD420 Zebra brings user-friendliness to the forefront. Thanks to the innovative cartridge system ribbon changes are so simple, that even unschooled users only need seconds for it, without mistakes. The 4" label printer additionally offers a high degree of flexibility in daily operation with its above-average performance features. A variety of expansions, such as a peeler, cutter, a WLAN-Bluetooth combination and Ethernet interface make the Zebra ZD420 completely sustainable, even with changing requirements - ideal for hospitality, retail and in the industry.
Order your Zebra ZD420 directly from your sales representative - call today!
 New professional card printer for large quantities: Zebra ZXP Series 7 Pro (03/16)
The new Zebra ZXP Series 7 Pro card printer delivers perfect print results in large quantities. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications in retail, hospitality and education. The most notable innovation compared to the standard version is the input/output tray with a capacity of up to 250 cards each, plus an automatic sorting function for the printed cards. This increases automatization in daily use and also increases efficiency. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 Pro simultaneously performs three duties: encoding, printing and laminating. Thanks to its encoding function special security features for access control and identity cards are realizable. For more details, contact your sales representative - simply call today!
 New from Zebra: 10'' vehicle terminal VC80 (03/16)
Starting now, Zebra's vehicle terminal VC80 is available at Jarltech. Utilise this powerful vehicle terminal wherever users working with heavy machines need reliable logistical information in real time. Thanks to its robust construction, it is suitable for use in the most challenging environments and thus numerous applications indoors as well as outdoors. The casing is IP66-certified against ingress of dust and water, which ensures for high security and long operation time.
Learn more from your service representative - call us today!
 Now also available with Ethernet: Citizen CT-S310II LAN (01/16)
With the compact receipt printer CT-S310II LAN Citizen has brought a new variant of its top product CT-S310II onto the market. The integrated dual interface with Ethernet and USB port ensures for simple integration into existing network structures.
Technically, everything remains the same: the fast printing of receipts with up to 160 mm per second, as well as the simple handling and maintenance of the Citizen CT-S310II LAN truly create an added value at the POS. For more details, simply ask your sales representative - give us a call today!
 Attention, new top-seller: compact desktop label printer ZD410 (01/16)
Brand new: Zebra presents an ultra-compact desktop model with its ZD410 label printer. Several characteristics include the simple and flexible integration, its space-saving housing, as well as high-quality print results (203 or 300 dpi). The ZD410 is the direct successor to the long-standing successful model LP2824, and will be available soon at Jarltech. It is entirely backwards compatible, therefore making it easily exchangeable with existing printers. Learn more from your sales representative - call today for more information!
 Zebra LP2824 Plus discontinued (01/16)
The LP2824 Plus label printer from Zebra will be discontinued effective 1 July 2016. Until that time the compact best-selling desktop remains available at Jarltech direct from stock. Its successor, the ZD410, has already assumed its position at the starting line. Order the LP2824 for those of your customers who do not yet wish to switch over to the next generation.
 New mobile computer TC8000 from Zebra for scanning-intensive applications (01/16)
The touch computer TC8000 from Zebra is setting whole new standards in warehouses. With its unique housing design it provides for an increase of up to 14% in productivity. Thanks to the innovative scanning angle you always see the large touch display, eliminating annoying tilting and optimizing movements. Plus, its large virtual buttons on the display largely reduce input errors. The TC8000 makes a good impression with its voice control and proximity sensor, even in hands-free operation. Let yourself be convinced by this innovative device and contact your sales representative for more information - simply call now!
 New 20 euro banknote: update kits for ratiotec detectors and counters (12/15)
The new 20 euro banknotes have recently been introduced into circulation. Bring your ratiotec customers and their detection devices up-to-date with the corresponding manufacturer's update kits.
For all devices purchased after 2014: your customers have already purchased the update license with the device. The sticker with the license number is located either on the back or bottom of the device. A simple and free-of-charge firmware update from the manufactuer's website is sufficient.
If you or your customers have already purchased an update kit, then it will also be applicable to all the new Euro 2 banknotes in the coming years. You receive the corresponding update kits, as well as connection cables, for all older ratiotec detection and counting devices from Jarltech, of course. For more information simply contact your customer service representative
- call today!
 Elo PayPoint: one POS system with everything you need (12/15)
The new all-in-one POS system PayPoint from Elo Touch Solutions combines all POS-relevant peripheral devices into one system. Its integrated features include a barcode scanner, cash drawer, magnetic stripe reader, rear-side customer display and a receipt printer.
The all-in-one system is available as a Windows and Android variant, as well as a version with a docking station for Apple iPads. PayPoint's 13" touchdisplay features full HD resolution, which may be tilted towards the customer, as needed.
For more information contact your customer service representative - simply call today!
 Price reduction on large format IDS touchmonitors from Elo (11/15)
Elo Touch Solutions has reduced the list price on selected models of its successful IDS family by up to 20%. The price reduction applies to nearly all models with 32", 42" and 55" display sizes (article numbers: E739717, E415988, E000736, E107085 and E000677).
With the Interactive Digital Signage touch displays you generate a lot of attention at shopping centers, hotels, offices and public buildings. With screen sizes up to 70" you not only implement information solutions for visitors and customers, you also interactively incorporate them into the applications.
Discover more advantages of the Elo IDS models from your customer service representative - simply call today!
 Colormetrics systems now available with Windows 10! (11/15)
Effective now, all current Colormetrics POS systems are also available at Jarltech with the Windows 10 operating system, giving you an even greater choice. Whether you need an all-in-one system with a flexible widescreen, a 15" or 17" variant or a particularly powerful model for demanding applications - you will strike it rich at Colormetrics.

As needed, order the Colormetrics POS systems at Jarltech directly with Windows 10 pre-installed. As an alternative simply order Windows 10 separately. For more information about Windows 10 and the Colormetrics portfolio, contact your sales representative - call today!
 Getac RX10: a combination of robustness and ergonomics (11/15)
The new Getac RX10 tablet combines high robustness with exceptional ergonomics. Thanks to its light weight of just 1.2 kg, slim housing of less than 2 cm and the integrated carrying handle, the tablet advances itself to become the ideal companion in all types of field work. An efficient Intel Core M processor and up to 8 GB RAM ensure for high performance. The display is even reliably operable when damp, and the tablet is resistant against extreme temperatures - ensuring for uninterrupted operation in rugged environments. For more details contact your customer service representative - call now!
 Datalogic's new 1D barcode scanner QuickScan QD2131 (10/15)
Datalogic's QuickScan family growth with the QD2131 which scores through reliable 1D barcode capture at a very affordable price. The series' corded desktop model offers an extra long scan line to ensure reliable scanning at short distances, no matter whether printed or from a display. It is thus suitable for numerous application areas from mobile marketing to document recording in offices and administration. Ask your customer service representative for additional information – simply call us!
 Elegance meets hi-tech: the new 2D barcode scanner Datalogic Heron HD3430 (10/15)
At the modern POS functionality is not the only priority. Datalogic knows this and brings the same chic housing as the 1D model with its new Heron HD3430. The new model for 2D barcodes is available in carbon fiber or white-silver, and upgrades every POS. The programmable colour LEDs are an optical highlight and provide excellent extra support of your customers' brand image. But its technical side will also win you over: thanks to its outstanding scan engine, the HD3430 easily recognizes all types of 2D and 1D codes, even postal codes and images. For more information contact your sales representative - call today!
 Compact, variable, new: Epson's TM-m30 POS printer (10/15)
With its new printer, the TM-m30 POS printer, Epson presents a compact, fast receipt printer for hospitality and retail, which was developed for usage with mobile devices. As one of the smallest POS printers worldwide, Epson offers businesses the ideal base for making the change from a PC POS solution to a modern tablet POS system with the TM-m30. Thanks to its NFC function it is very easy to connect the TM-m30 with a mobile device, such as a tablet PC. The new printers are equipped with the ePOS function, which allows direct control of the devices from web applications or from iOS and Android platforms, without previously installing drivers.
 Vion: the first Colormetrics POS with a flexible widescreen (10/15)
With the new all-in-one POS system, Vion, Colormetrics is following the trend: it is the first Colormetrics POS with a touch widescreen! The compact system features a highly flexible dual-point stand, ultra-elegant housing and top performance features. With the large amount of available accessories, you comfortably offer your customers a highly compact complete POS: install reader units for barcodes, magnetic stripe cards, RFID, etc., as well as customer displays in a space-saving manner directly on the housing. Order yours today with your customer service representative - call now!
 Zebra mobile computers now with the newest Android (10/15)
Opt now for the newest Android version 4.4.2 (KitKat) with the Zebra mobile computers MC40, TC55, TC75, MC9200. Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx) gives the consumer operating system Android a mature and highly functional corporate face. The MC9200 also remains available as a Windows version. Learn more from your sales representative - simply call today!
 Better printer management with the new SDK from Evolis (10/15)
The newest Evolis card printers may now be completely controlled via your software. The new Premium Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures for smooth integration into existing structures - no matter if it is a stand-alone or network printer. The result: simple configuration, printing and encoding without any software from third parties. Supported Evolis printers are currently the Zenius, Primacy, Elypso and Apteo. For more information simply contact your sales representative - call us today!
 Zebra ET50/ET55: consumer style on the outside, corporate tablet on the inside (10/15)
With the new ET50/ET55 tablet PCs, Zebra has developed a series designed for success - for you as well! Because of their attractive design, consumer products have probably also enticed some of your customers in the tablet market. Zebra combines consumer design with business standards in the ET50 and the ET55. The advantages are obvious: significantly increased robustness and performance compared to consumer devices, yet a considerably lower price tag compared to ultra-rugged tablets. Learn more from your sales representative - call now!
 Discontinuation of the Epson TM-J7000/7100 Series (09/15)
Epson has announced the discontinuation of the TM-J7000/7100 multi-station printers. Effective immediately, they are no longer available at Epson, however Jarltech still has limited quantities. Check your customers' needs today and order the special printers for sales slips and receipts while supplies last!

A direct successor has not yet been announced, but your sales representative will gladly assist you in finding the right alternative - simply call now!
 Honeywell PC42t: The affordable entry into label printing (09/15)
With the PC42t Honeywell has brought a market-entry model for on-demand label printing onto the market. You will take notice of the printer not only because of its low price, but also because of its intuitive handling. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, a maximum label width of 110 mm and a 300-meter ribbon holder, the Honeywell PC42t is ideal for a great variety of sectors with medium printing volumes. For more details contact your customer service representative - call today!
 Memor X3: Datalogic strongly cuts prices and announces predecessor obsolescence (08/15)
As of 1 September 2015, Datalogic cuts the price of two of their successful Memox X3 models, namely the WLAN (944250006) and batch (944250011) versions of the handy mobile computer. Both versions are equipped with white scan lighting and are well suited to heavy scanning applications in retail and stock management.

At the same time, Datalogic announced the obsolescence of the predecessor WLAN model (944250005) with red scan lighting. This version will remain available only until 1 December 2015. Order your replacement stock for your customers now directly from stock at Jarltech.
 New Epson TM-P80 variant with an auto cutter (07/15)
With the TM-P80AC Epson presents a new variant of the portable printer, the TM-P80. The TM-P80AC features an integrated auto cutter for the clean partial cutting of sales slips and receipts. Like the basic version, the new model is available as either a Bluetooth or WLAN variant. Otherwise, their specifications are identical.
 New bonus program: Datalogic is handing out the presents (07/15)
Starting now, loyalty to Datalogic will be rewarded even more. Upon the purchase of selected Datalogic products you will now receive points which you may exchange for attractive premiums in the Datalogic premium shop. You have your choice from nearly 150 brands spread across 25 categories. Register no later than 31 August 2015 with the Datalogic Loyalty League and you will receive a welcome bonus of 50 points! For more information visit www.datalogic-loyalty-league.com

While you're at it, simply register for the Jarltech bonus system as well. With it, you earn with every euro of turnover, and thus benefit doubly in the end - register free of charge now!
 The enhanced Evolis Primacy card printer is now even more versatile (07/15)
Evolis has made its top-seller even better. You now receive the Primacy card printer with additional features for even more efficiency, as well as in more variants. Among the new features are a brand new, free-of-charge Software Development Kit (SDK) for even simpler integration, more RAM, optionally higher print resolutions for even more precise print results, a UHF encoding option, a model with an open output tray for self-service solutions and much more. Discover the diversity today and call your sales representative - simply call now!
 New at Jarltech: Honeywell Global Tracking (07/15)
Honeywell Global Tracking offers unrivaled tracking systems for mobile goods, vehicles and people - both on land and on water. Thanks to satellite communication the devices are traceable everywhere, and with the Internet and corresponding software they are easy to localize. At Jarltech you receive hardware (TAM-242, SAT-401, Osprey portable tracker), tracking software (ViewPoint ), as well as data contracts for your customers. Possible areas of usage for these tracking systems include transportation & logistics, the oil & gas industry, for monitoring ships, machinery parks, industrial, forestry and construction devices, for shipping companies, travel organizers, public transportation companies, NGOs, GOs and much more. Learn more from your customer service representative - give us a call today!
 New 17" POS system P3100 direct from stock at Jarltech (07/15)
A sensation from the moment you see it: the new all-in-one POS system P3100 from the premium brand Colormetrics scores highly with its elegant aluminum housing, 17" touch screen and IP64-protected front panel. Add to this reliable performance and quiet operation, without a fan. A variety of expansion options further broadens the functionality of the system and gives you the opportunity to make more turnover per order. Order yours today with your sales representative - directly from stock.
 The new robust ZQ500 portable printer series from Zebra (07/15)
The portable receipt and label printers of the Zebra ZQ500 Series are particularly robust and powerful. Certified according to MIL-STD-810G and IP54 standards, they are highly reliable during operation. The models feature an integrated Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module for optimal wireless connection. With these properties, the ZQ500 printers are ideally suited for usage in light industry, transportation & logistics, for public authorities, field technicians, event organizers, etc. Learn more from your customer service representative - simply call us today!
 Vehicle terminal Datalogic Rhino to be discontinued (07/15)
Datalogic has announced the discontinuation of its vehicle terminal Rhino due to a shortage of components. The discontinuation also affects special variants and accessories. At Jarltech you still receive remaining stock. Datalogic is already working on a replacement for the robust vehicle terminal, which should be available on the market before the end of the year. For more information contact your customer service representative - call today!
 Wi-Fi made easy with Zebra's WiNG Express (07/15)
Have your customers rely on Zebra's WiNG Express for simple Wi-Fi integration. The new hardware is particularly ideal for small and medium-sized corporate networks with up to 1,024 access points. The advantages are overwhelming and make operation in hospitality, logistics, pubic areas and retail easier for you. When the requirements grow, so do the networks. Contact your customer service representative today for more information - call now!
 Power upgrade for Zebra GT800 (05/15)
Zebra's all-rounder desktop label printer GT800 is even better now. Not only does it support 300 and 74 m ink ribbons without changing any settings, ribbons are also easily and quickly inserted. A moveable sensor provides greater flexibility and is now included standard. Optionally, the GT800 is available with a cutter and a resolution of 300 dpi.
 New Colormetrics P2500 all-in-one checkout system available (05/15)
Colormetrics presented its new all-in-one PC for the checkout: the enhanced checkout system P2500 is available directly from stock at Jarltech. The new system comes with a 15'' touch screen, Intel Core i5 or Celeron processor, IP64-sealed front panel, aluminium housing and many optimised features compared to its predecessor P2300. Order right away with your sales representative - call us today!
 New mobile communications platform Zebra TC75 (05/15)
Zebra launched the mobile computer TC75, the evolution of the proven TC70 which now has WWAN support for optimal communication while travelling. Add to this WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC and Push-to-Talk communication – everything in one device no larger than your hand. But the enterprise-class TC75 handheld with Android KitKat has even more to offer: its IP67-protected housing repels nearly everything, and it features a 2D imager, 4.7'' touch display and two cameras. The TC75 will soon be available at Jarltech. Pre-order yours – simply call us today!
 New TC55 versions with 2D imager (05/15)
Zebra presented new versions of their robust smartphone TC55. These now come with a genuine 2D imager for 1D and 2D barcode capture, the enhanced Android KitKat 4.4.3 and a more powerful WLAN module. With its 4.3'' touch display, 3G connectivity, 8 MP camera and true smartphone design, the TC55 stands its ground in any comparison.
 Metapace top-seller T-3 in pure black (05/15)
Colour change at Metapace: the direct thermal printer T-3 will now come in pure black rather than anthracite. In addition to the black versions, the T-3 remains available in white, of course. With its printing speed of 250 mm per second and numerous connectivity options, five years warranty and its many accessories, the T-3 is a good choice for every checkout.
 New 70" IDS touchmonitor from Elo (05/15)
Elo Touch Solutions announces the 70" interactive digital signage (IDS) platform 7001LT. The display was specially designed for touch applications and combines an energy-efficient LED HD infrared touchscreen with optional Intel Core i5 Windows-based computer modules. The robust design of the 7001LT offers system integrators and value-added resellers a scalable high-performance solution which is also easy to integrate and maintain when intensively used: at airports, in office complexes, in healthcare facilities, at train stations, in businesses and shopping centers. Learn more from your sales representative - simply call today!
 Performance updates for Getac's leading-edge mobility (05/15)
The outdoor tablet F110 and convertible PC V110 from Getac have both received hardware upgrades: you now receive both mobile computers with 5th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors, as well as with an enhanced graphics card (Intel HD graphic 5500 instead of 4400). The changes ensure for more power during operation. Additionally, Getac has exchanged and improved the rear camera; now take pictures with up to 8 megapixels. As always, learn more from your sales representative - call today!
 The new Zebra at Jarltech (04/15)
Zebra has positioned themselves anew: a new logo, a new look and a large variety of products. Starting now, you will find everything bearing the Zebra name at Jarltech under the Zebra name - label printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID and Wi-Fi technology, services and more. Jarltech is converting all products and data for you bit by bit. If you have any questions about the new portfolio in the meantime simply call your sales representative!
 IP67 rating for the Dolphin 70e Black mobile computer (04/15)
The Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black will soon feature IP67-certified housing standard, providing you greater safety. The variants with IP54 protection have been discontinued, though some are still available at Jarltech for you. The 70e Black is the first hybrid between handheld terminal and smartphone - robust yet elegant, for the right mix of business and personal use.
 Discontinued: Gryphon handheld scanners with display (03/15)
Datalogic has announced that it will stop production on Gryphon models with an intregrated display. The last day to place an order is 31 May 2015. Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase models as needed, before time runs out. The following article numbers are affected: GM4100-BK-D433, GM4100-BK-D910, GM4100-HC-D433, GM4100-HC-D910, GM4101-BK-D910, GM4101-BK-D910PRE and GM4101-HC-D910. Of course, you may continue to order the other Gryphon models at Jarltech.
 Datalogic Heron HD3100: new and on stock (03/15)
Order Datalogic's brand new linear imager Heron HD3130 directly from stock at Jarltech. The barcode scanner features a new, elegant design. Its housing is available in either carbon fiber or silver design, raising the look at every POS. Thanks to freely programmable LED colours in the housing and polyphonic speakers, you customise the Heron to match its environment. But not only the design is impressive: up to 270 scans per second and the automatic switch between handheld and presentation modes give the POS the efficiency it needs. All previous variants of the predecessor will be discontinued effective 30 April 2015. Secure remaining stock now or make the changeover directly. For more details contact your sales representative - call now!.
 Elo 15E2: new all-in-one POS system with more performance (02/15)
Elo Touch Solutions has again successfully combined sleek, attractive design with high performance with the 15E2 touchcomputer, and that at a bargain price. The successor to the successful model 15E1 features enhanced performance, and is equipped with either AccuTouch or iTouch. A three-year warranty gives you additional security. On the outside not much has changed: the 15.6" 16:9 touchscreen and compact housing remain unchanged. For more details contact your sales representative - call today!
 Honeywell price increase as of 15 March (02/15)
Honeywell announced a price increase for their complete product portfolio as of 15 March 2015. This is the result of the weak euro compared to the US dollar. Jarltech will also need to adapt their prices. We expect a rise of 7 to 15%, which will also affect all Intermec products. Make sure to buy now at more advantageous prices for all products currently in stock and those that will be shipped until 14 March. Ask your sales representative for further details - simply call today!
 New from Honeywell: PD43 mid-range label printer (01/15)
With the PD43 Honeywell presents a new compact label printer. It prints labels up to 118 mm and offers reliable printing to which you are accustomed. Additionally, the space-saving metal housing is robust. An even more compact version is the model without any internal media capture, the PD43c. It comes standard equipped with a colour display, as well as a USB port. Optionally you receive additional interfaces, such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Pre-order yours now - simply call today!
 Discontinuation of the mobile computer Falcon X3 (01/15)
Datalogic will discontinue all variants of the mobile computer Falcon X3 on 15 March. This represents the end of a very successful product. However, the successor already is in the starting blocks: change over to the Falcon X3+ mobile computer with your customers. The new model comes with a rubber-coated housing, IP65 certification and a scratch-resistant Gorilla glass scan window. The Falcon X3+ also offers a new optional 2D extra-long range imager. The device is almost completely backward compatible to existing accessories. Order it directly with your sales representative - call today!
 New: enhanced version of the Glancetron 1300 waiter lock (01/15)
Glancetron updated its 1300 waiter lock. The new version is equipped with more durable hardware components as well as an integrated multiple interface for even easier integration via USB-HID, USB-vCom, KBW and RS232. It features the same housing as its predecessor, so the old and new versions match well when in parallel use. An additional advantage of the new version: the software is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Order directly from stock - call today!
 New and available soon: Citizen CL-E720 label printer (01/15)
Citizen bridges the small gap in the portfolio between desktop and mid-range printers with its new CL-E720 thermal transfer printer. The better printing performance compared to the desktop models legitimates its slightly bigger housing. A reliable print mechanism, robust metal housing and numerous practical media sensors ensure for high customer satisfaction. Its price-performance ratio is optimal, especially as it features a standard integrated Ethernet port.
 Epson: new name for colour inkjet label printers (12/14)
Epson has renamed its colour label printer series. After announcing the new industrial model ColorWorks C7500, the existing models change their name in favour of a consistent naming. The TM-C3500, TM-C3400 and GP-C831 are now called ColorWorks C3500, ColorWorks C3400 and ColorWorks C831. You will find the new data sheets, etc. online as usual, as soon as they become available. If you have any questions about the new product series, simply call your sales representative!
 JS-970: new all-in-one POS system from Panasonic (12/14)
Panasonic presents a new modular alternative with the JS-970 POS system. Particularly designed for retail and hospitality, the 15" system stands apart from the rest with its accustomed reliable performance, various available processors and touch technologies. The stand is optional, plus you may also choose a panel version for flexible mounting. Numerous ports, including two powered USB ports, offer vast possibilities. Learn more from your sales representative - call today!
 Metapace L-42DT: New thermal transfer printer in compact desktop format (11/14)
With the L-42DT Metapace has added a highly compact model to its L Series of desktop label printers. It needs noticeably less space than comparable printers with 300 m thermal transfer ribbons. For a printer of its class it is very fast with 178 mm per second. Additionally it impresses with its high compatability with existing printers and is easy to integrate. As with all Metapace products, you receive the L-42DT thermal printer in a ready-to-go complete package. A cutter and peeler for additional applications are optionally available. Order yours today from your sales representative - call now!
 Intelligence which further develops: Epson's TM-iHub POS printers (11/14)
The second generation of intelligent Epson POS printers now gives you the possibility to connect peripheral devices directly to the printer. The TM-T88V-iHub and TM-T70-iHub now allow users to also manage barcode scanners, keyboards, etc. from tablets and smartphones - via XML commands from a web browser. The TM-iHub Series thus provides a communication interface between different POS systems and mobile devices. Learn more from your sales representative - call today!
 New mobile receipt printer from Epson: TM-P20 (11/14)
The newest addition to the Epson family of mobile printers is also the smallest: the TM-P20 is a compact direct thermal mobile printer for simple printing from smartphones and tablets. Thus, it is pre-destined for usage in retail and hospitality, among others. Connect it easily via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even NFC.
 New wearable solution for Honeywell's Dolphin 70e Black (11/14)
With the practical wearable solution for the mobile computer Dolphin 70e Black Honeywell has just raised the bar for flexibility. The handheld computer, in combination with the functional wristband, is ideal for commissioning, incoming goods and all job steps which require both hands. With an optional ring scanner the mobile data capture solution is perfect, and the aquisition of special hardware is kept to a minimum. Learn more from your sales representative today - call now!
 Compact, new and versatile: Honeywell vehicle terminal Thor CV31 (11/14)
The Honeywell Thor CV31 impresses as the most compact mini terminal in vehicles, as well as a fixed mount controller unit for facilities, etc. With its 6.5" industrial touch screen and its MIL-STD-810G and IP66-certified housing, it fulfills all requirements for longevity. An integrated USV spare battery, network capability and Bluetooth make the CV31 a really powerful terminal for many applications.
 Even faster: Getac S400 notebook now with more computing power (11/14)
Getac has revamped its powerful S400 notebook and made it even faster. The only semi-robust notebook in its class, the new Getac S400-G3 is certified according to MIL-STD-810G and IP5X. It is immediately available with the newest fourth generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors - for industry-leading performance in mapping applications or for video editing with care providers, emergency services, in the automobile industry, as well as in the field.
 Up to 50% off Epson interfaces (11/14)
Epson has significantly reduced the prices on selected printer interfaces . Benefit from a list price up to 50% less. Included are: the Ethernet interface (article number C32C824541), the Bluetooth interface (article number C32C824621), as well as the Wi-Fi interface (article number C32C824613). Order yours directly from your sales representative - call today!
 New: Motorola Android MDC TC70 (10/14)
A mobile computer which takes productivity to a new level: the TC70 mobile computer from Motorola Solutions runs the Android KitKat (4.4.2) operating system and offers intuitive smartphone handling, thanks to its large touch display. The Android expansion Extension (Mx), its practical size, IP67-certified housing, integrated 2D imager and much more make it a highly professional partner in day-to-day work. Learn more from your sales representative - call now!
 Brand new: Presentation scanner Cobalto from Datalogic (10/14)
Fast 1D barcode scanning at the checkout is guaranteed with the new Cobalto laser presentation scanner from Datalogic. Its omnidirectional 20-line laser achieves 1500 scans per second. The elegant design with a ring of light and freely configurable polyphonic good read confirmation make it a highlight everywhere. You want to see more? View the official Cobalto launch video.
 Epson TM-T70II now also with Bluetooth (10/14)
Epson now offers the thermal POS printer TM-T70II as a variant with a Bluetooth interface. This way, the printer is even easier to integrate into existing systems. Thanks to its complete front operation, via which paper changes and receipt output are made, it is ideal for under the counter mounting and therefore a practical and space-saving helper in hospitality and retail. Its maximum print speed of 250 mm/sec. helps provide speedy service to customers. Its paper-saving function makes it environmentally friendly and therefore actively supports the reduction of operating costs.
 New Elo C Series: more power for even more possibilities (10/14)
Elo Touch Solutions has again increased the achievement potential of the C Series. The all-in-one POS system remains available in 19" and 22" screen sizes. For the new models there is an additional Intel Core i5-3550S processor with up to 3.0 GHz available, plus up to 8 GB RAM for maximum performance in various applications. IntelliTouch and iTouch Plus offer you the necessary choice. The C5 models are available with pre-installed Windows 8.1 Industry Embedded Pro, or with Windows 7 and entirely without an operating system. For more information simply call your customer service representative today!
 Elegance on 17": the new Colormetrics P3300 all-in-one POS system (10/14)
As part of its line of successful POS systems, Colormetrics presents a powerful 17" version. As an optical highlight the new P3300 POS system offers a resistive touch screen on 17'' instead of 15''. The reliable top performance which you are accustomed to remains, plus the proven front panel with IP64 protection against splash water and dust. Additionally, you now also receive the faster 15" successor Colormetrics P2100. Order yours today at Jarltech directly from stock - simply call!
 Datalogic PM9500 now as a variant with display and keyboard (09/14)
Datalogic presents the new PowerScan PM9500-DK, a variant with display and 16 keys. Special attention during development was paid to a much simpler host integration. The keys and display simplify communication in both directions, and allow for manual data entry in case of failed scans, etc. For more information contact your sales represenative call today!
 New from Datalogic: wireless 2D QuickScans (09/14)
Datalogic presents two new QuickScan barcode scanners. The newest generation of QuickScan wireless scanners, QBT2400 and QM2400, quickly and reliably capture 1D as well as 2D barcodes from both paper and displays. Thus, the 2400 Series is complete, since the corded QD2400 is already on the market and has been for some time. The mobile scanners impress with a range of up to 25 m and decisively make mobile workers' workloads easier.
 Webinar: new regulations for food labeling (09/14)
On 13 December 2014 a new labeling regulation for food goes into effect. This applies to all companies which produce, import or sell food. Take advantage of this situation. What does the new regulation cover and how does it affect you? Citizen Systems and NiceLabel are hosting a webinar on this topic. Register now here!
 Support for BarTender 9.2 is ending (08/14)
Effective at the beginning of September Seagull is ending its support for the label software version BarTender 9.2. In order to keep utilizing the full support, simply switch to BarTender Version 10.1. You will receive everything you need from your sales representative - simply call today!
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