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Jarltech > Terms of Jarltech One-Click-Services

 Terms of Jarltech One-Click-Services
Pre-exchange Service

1.The pre-exchange service expires at the end of the manufacturer's warranty, or, if purchased, of the period of the Jarltech warranty extension.
2.The pre-exchange service only protects devices that are proven to be defective. The dealer must determine the warranty defect himself and appropriately report the malfunction to Jarltech.
3.The shipment of a replacement device in a pre-exchange case is subject to availability. Jarltech also reserves the right to replace the device with a model of equivalent or higher quality from the same or from another manufacturer, or replace it with a used device in an equivalent condition.
4.The acceptance of the pre-exchange case by Jarltech is not equal to the acceptance of the defect case; but, rather applies that if afterwards, Jarltech or the manufacturer determines that a reported faulty device actually does not have a warranty defect, it will be sent back to the dealer, and the already provided replacement will be invoiced at the current or new value. An exchange of the original for a replacement device, or the return of the latter, are excluded.

Warranty Extension

1.The Jarltech warranty extension service extends the liability of the original manufacturer warranty to 36 calendar months in total, regardless of the original warranty period.
2.The warranty covers failure of the product due to production or constructive errors that existed when the product was purchased. The existence of a constructive or production error must be proven by the customer, as long as this clause does not conflict with other legal regulations.
3.The warranty does not cover wear and tear, nor failure, caused by external damage or improper use of the product.
4.The warranty explicitly excludes maintenance parts that physically wear off or have to be regularly replaced after typical use, especially, but not limited to, printheads, platen rollers, consumables, ink, springs.
5.The warranty period begins with the physical delivery of the product by Jarltech to the reseller.
6.The warranty covers only liabilities that are also covered by the original manufacturer warranty of the product towards Jarltech.
7.To fulfill their warranty liability, Jarltech can either, and upon sole discretion, repair the product or replace it with a product, used or new, of comparable features in a similar condition, both within a reasonable timeframe.
8.To apply for a warranty repair/exchange, the customer must deliver the product, together with a detailed malfunction description, to the local Jarltech office within the customer's country. Jarltech will cover the cost to return the repaired/exchanged unit to the customer's premises in the country of invoicing.
9.Products that prove to be not defective will be returned only after the receipt of a check-up charge according to the valid price list, plus shipping cost.

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