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Kassensysteme, Barcode-Scanner, Magnetkartenleser, RFID-Technik, Touchscreen Monitore, Kiosksysteme, Spezialtastaturen
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 EOL articles
 The following articles are "End of Life" products and cannot be delivered anymore:

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 Date Item-No Item Successor
  27.01.2020 sam310bt Bixolon SPP-R310, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), USB, RS-232, BT (iOS)
  07.04.2020 cl8300usb (A308RS0000004) Cipherlab USB cable
  20.03.2020 citcabpu (POWEREDUSBCABLE) Citizen connection cable, Powered-USB
  21.02.2020 color2100svssd3 (SC21SVSSD3) Colormetrics P2100, 38.1 cm (15''), SSD, VFD, black, fanless
  19.02.2020 colorvionssd2 (VIONSSD2) Colormetrics Vion, 39.6 cm (15,6''), SSD, black, fanless
  04.02.2020 dlgr4400hdsw (GBT4400-BK-HD) Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4400, BT, 2D, HD, black dlgr4500hdsw
  04.02.2020 dlgr4430usw (GBT4430-BK-BTK1) Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4430, BT, 2D, BT, multi-IF, kit (USB), black dlgr4500usw
  04.02.2020 dlgri4430busw (GD4430-BKK1B) Datalogic Gryphon I GD4430-B, 2D, SR, multi-IF, kit (USB), black dlgri4520usb
  25.03.2020 dlmx210120 (937501035) Datalogic Matrix 210
  19.03.2020 dlmex3bt-4 (944250006) Datalogic Memor X3, 2D, Area Imager, USB, RS-232, BT, Wi-Fi, num. dlmex3kit
  09.01.2020 dlpm9500dpmevo (PM9500-DDPM433RB) Datalogic PM9500 EVO, 2D, DPM, disp., RB dlpm9501dpm4
  04.02.2020 dlpm9500dpm (PM9500-DPM433RB) Datalogic PM9500, 2D, HD, DPM, multi-IF, RB dlpm9501dpm
  04.02.2020 dlpm9500dhp (PM9500-DHP433RB) Datalogic PM9500, 2D, HP, multi-IF, disp., RB dlpm9501dhprb
  04.02.2020 dlpm9500hp (PM9500-HP433RB) Datalogic PM9500, 2D, HP, multi-IF, RB dlpm9501hp
  04.02.2020 dlpm9500k10 (PM9500-433RBK10) Datalogic PM9500, 2D, SR, multi-IF, kit (USB), RB dlpm9501sru
  04.02.2020 dlpm9500dkhpr (PM9500-DKHP433RK20) Datalogic PM9500-DK, 2D, HP, multi-IF, disp., kit (RS-232), RB dlpm9501dhpr
  04.02.2020 dlpbt9500 (PBT9500-RB) Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500, BT, 2D, SR, RB, black, yellow dlpbt9501sr
  04.02.2020 dlpsd9530dpm (PD9530-DPM) Datalogic PowerScan PD9530-DPM, 2D, HD, DPM, multi-IF, black, yellow dlpd9531dpm2
  04.02.2020 dlpm9300-2 (PM9300-D433RB) Datalogic PowerScan PM9300, 1D, SR, disp., RB, black, yellow dlpm9100d4
  03.03.2020 elo0700la (E791658) Elo 0700L, 17.8cm (7''), AT, black elo0702l
  24.01.2020 eps6005misswepen (C31CG62112) Epson TM-H6000V, USB, RS-232, Ethernet, cutter, MICR, OPOS, ePOS, black eps6005missw
  18.03.2020 getzx70havdock (543387910002) Getac Havis vehicle cradle getzx70havdock2
  13.02.2020 getzx70b-4 (ZD77J3DH5AAX) Getac ZX70 Basic, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, Android getzx70-3
  24.02.2020 colorhdd2 (colorhdd2) HDD, 320GB
  02.03.2020 colorhdd2kit (colorhdd2kit) HDD, 320GB
  31.01.2020 hwct50qbc2 (CT50-QBC-0) Honeywell battery charging station, 4 slots hwct50qbcr
  10.02.2020 hw1452crd (CCB01-010BT-V7N) Honeywell cradle, Voyager 1452g hwvoba
  10.02.2020 ms9520ntus Honeywell power supply US
  10.01.2020 intph43-8 (201-031-420) Honeywell printhead PC43/PD43, 8 dots/mm (203dpi) intph43-8b
  18.02.2020 hwsvceda51-53 (SVCEDA51-5LC3) Honeywell Service
  03.03.2020 intsg20ust (SG20THP-USB501) Honeywell SG20, 2D, HP, EA30, kit (USB), black
  10.02.2020 hw1452s (1452g1D-2) Honeywell Voyager 1452g, BT, 1D, imager, multi-IF, black
  10.02.2020 hw1900ersw (1900gER-2) Honeywell Xenon 1900, 2D, ER, black
  24.01.2020 pant15chg (FZ-VCBT131D/E/3) Panasonic battery charging station, 5 slots
  24.01.2020 pancfc1bat (CF-VZSU66U) Panasonic spare battery
  18.02.2020 pmmfr120 (MFR120U-00) Promag MFR120
  25.03.2020 sama8b (SM-A530FZKDE28) Samsung Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, GPS, Android
  04.02.2020 tsc340tt (99-042A011-50LF) TSC ME340, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232
  12.02.2020 tsc340tt (99-042A011-50LF) TSC ME340, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232
  17.02.2020 tsc340-3 (99-042A011-42LF) TSC ME340, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232, Ethernet
  30.01.2020 tscmh340p (99-060A051-01LF) TSC MH340P, 12 dots/mm (300 dpi), rewind, RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232, Ethernet tscmh340p2
  07.02.2020 tsc200peel (98-0530028-00LF) TSC Peel-off module tsctx200peel
  04.03.2020 tsc246 TSC TTP-246M Pro, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232, LPT
  30.03.2020 tscd01 (D0-EW1-00) TSC warranty extension, 1 year tscwar
  24.02.2020 syet5xdock4 (CRD-ET5X-SE4CO1-01) Zebra charging station, 4 slots syet5xcha
  17.02.2020 sytc20crd52 (CRD-TC2X-SE5CO-02) Zebra charging station, 5 slots
  19.02.2020 sytc20crd52 (CRD-TC2X-SE5CO-02) Zebra charging station, 5 slots
  28.02.2020 sysldockad (CRD-ET5X-1SCOM2R) Zebra charging/communication station, USB, ethernet
  17.03.2020 syet50-2 (ET50NT-W22E) Zebra ET50, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, Win. 10 syet51-2
  24.02.2020 syvc70keytray (KT-KYBDTRAY-VC70-R) Zebra keyboard mounting tray, kit syvc70keytray3
  27.03.2020 symc2180-9 (K-MC2180-AS12E-CD2) Zebra MC2180, 2D, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, num., kit (USB)
  20.02.2020 zp1037974-017 (P1037974-017) Zebra spare part zp1037974-068
  30.03.2020 z49821 Zebra Spare part
  17.02.2020 z57603m (57603M) Zebra spare part
  04.03.2020 z43310m (43310M) Zebra SparePart
  12.02.2020 zxr12-14 (201134) Zebra XR12, 2D, USB, Wi-Fi, RFID, Win. 10
  24.02.2020 zxr12-14 (201134) Zebra XR12, 2D, USB, Wi-Fi, RFID, Win. 10
 You will find more EOL articles in the CSV file.

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