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 EOL articles
 The following articles are "End of Life" products and cannot be delivered anymore:

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 Date Item-No Item Successor
  05.05.2017 tt1526 ARMOR thermal transfer ribbon, AWR 470 wax, 57mm, black
  07.06.2017 refitattachlow Attach parts into box
  09.06.2017 refitattachlow Attach parts into box
  30.06.2017 samrrc201 Bixolon colour ribbon for dot matrix printer, black/red
  30.06.2017 sampsu1 Bixolon power supply
  30.06.2017 sam210btm Bixolon SPP-R210, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), MSR, USB, RS232, BT
  30.06.2017 sam131sw Bixolon STP-131, RS232, LPT, black
  30.06.2017 sam131 Bixolon STP-131, RS232, LPT, white
  04.07.2017 samcab2002u (PIC-R300U/STD) Bixolon USB cable
  11.07.2017 etd658 Citizen print head
  09.05.2017 colorbbla Colormetrics screen bezel, black
  09.05.2017 colorbgre2 Colormetrics screen bezel, green
  09.05.2017 colorbora2 Colormetrics screen bezel, orange
  09.05.2017 colorbred Colormetrics screen bezel, red
  09.05.2017 colorbsil Colormetrics screen bezel, silver
  07.06.2017 refitconfighigh Customer configuration, high
  09.06.2017 refitconfighigh Customer configuration, high
  07.06.2017 refitconfiglow (refitconfiglow) Customer configuration, low
  09.06.2017 refitconfiglow (refitconfiglow) Customer configuration, low
  07.06.2017 refitconfigmed Customer configuration, medium
  09.06.2017 refitconfigmed Customer configuration, medium
  26.04.2017 dlskcr2 Datalogic cradle
  03.05.2017 dlpsd8330k Datalogic PowerScan PD8330, 1D, SR, multi-IF, kit (KBW), black, yellow
  03.05.2017 elo1517bat Elo 1517L rev. B, 38.1 cm (15''), AT, white elo1517bats2
  03.05.2017 elo1517it2 Elo 1517L rev. B, 38.1 cm (15''), IT, white elo1517its2
  03.05.2017 elo1517bit Elo 1517L rev. B, 38.1 cm (15''), iTouch, white elo1517bits
  03.05.2017 elo1523itp Elo 1523L, 38.1 cm (15''), iTouch Plus, white elo1523itps
  26.04.2017 elo1537ls Elo 1537L, 38.1 cm (15''), AT
  08.05.2017 elo1593pc Elo 1593L, 39.6 cm (15,6''), Projected Capacitive, dark grey elo1593pc2
  03.05.2017 elo1717bat Elo 1717L rev. B, 43.2 cm (17''), AT, white elo1717bats
  03.05.2017 elo1717it2 Elo 1717L rev. B, 43.2 cm (17''), IT, white elo1717its2
  03.05.2017 elo1717bit Elo 1717L rev. B, 43.2 cm (17''), iTouch, white elo1717bits
  26.04.2017 elo1931i Elo 1931L, 48.3 cm (19''), iTouch
  26.04.2017 elo22c3bitpwin7 Elo 22C3 rev. B, 55.9 cm (22''), iTouch Plus, Win.7, grey
  26.04.2017 elo3201 Elo 3201L, 81 cm (32''), Projected Capacitive, Full HD, black
  28.06.2017 elo1723lbox Elo Box
  03.07.2017 elo1723lbox Elo Box
  10.07.2017 elo1723lbox Elo Box
  26.04.2017 elodispbc Elo customer display
  26.04.2017 elobcbram4 Elo Memory
  01.06.2017 elo1938bracket Elo mounting kit
  03.07.2017 elo10a1 Elo Retail Tablet, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, Chip, MSR, RFID
  03.07.2017 elo10a1bat Elo spare battery
  26.04.2017 elowallmount Elo Wall Mount
  01.06.2017 elowallmount Elo Wall Mount
  03.05.2017 epson202eusw Epson TM-T20II, USB, Ethernet, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, black epson202eusw2
  19.06.2017 z105912g897 Feederbelt
  07.06.2017 refithddlow HDD exchange, easy
  09.06.2017 refithddlow HDD exchange, easy
  07.06.2017 refithddmed HDD exchange, medium
  09.06.2017 refithddmed HDD exchange, medium
  15.05.2017 lxe8651-3 Honeywell 8650, BT, 1D, BT, black hw8670
  09.06.2017 lxe8651-3 Honeywell 8650, BT, 1D, BT, black hw8670
  30.05.2017 hwtam242chg Honeywell charging station, TAM-242
  09.06.2017 hw7800 Honeywell Dolphin 7800, 2D, ER, BT, Wi-Fi, num.
  07.06.2017 hw7800-5 Honeywell Dolphin 7800, 2D, HD, BT, Wi-Fi, num., ext. bat.
  19.06.2017 hweda50-6 Honeywell EDA50K, 2D, SR, BT, Wi-Fi, 4G, num., Android hweda50-8
  30.05.2017 hwsatext Honeywell extension cable, Bulgin, 5m
  30.05.2017 hatsatwextb Honeywell extension cable, Bulgin, 5m
  30.05.2017 hatsatpanic Honeywell panic button
  13.06.2017 intupadap Honeywell power supply intpc23pwradap
  03.05.2017 int12vpsu Honeywell Power Supply, DC intpsu2
  30.05.2017 hwsat401 Honeywell SAT-401
  30.05.2017 hwsat401ltb Honeywell SAT-401, Kit
  30.05.2017 hwsat401e Honeywell SAT-401E
  30.05.2017 hwsat401eltb Honeywell SAT-401E, Kit
  30.05.2017 hwsatcon Honeywell SAT-Connector Kit
  30.05.2017 hatsatharn Honeywell SAT-Harness
  30.05.2017 hatsatcharn Honeywell SAT-Harness, vehicle installation
  30.05.2017 hattam242 Honeywell TAM-242
  30.05.2017 hwtam412 Honeywell TAM-412
  30.05.2017 hwtam442-2 Honeywell TAM-442
  30.05.2017 hwtam442 Honeywell TAM-442, C1D2
  31.05.2017 iiyth8667 iiyama ProLite TH8667MIS-B1AG, 217.4 cm (85.6''), infrared, 4K, black iiyth8668
  07.06.2017 refitprintoptionlow Install printer options, easy
  09.06.2017 refitprintoptionlow Install printer options, easy
  07.06.2017 refitprintoptionextr Install printer options, extrem
  09.06.2017 refitprintoptionextr Install printer options, extrem
  07.06.2017 refitprintoptionhigh Install printer options, high
  09.06.2017 refitprintoptionhigh Install printer options, high
  07.06.2017 refitprintoptionmed Install printer options, medium
  09.06.2017 refitprintoptionmed Install printer options, medium
  07.06.2017 refitinter Interface exchange
  09.06.2017 refitinter Interface exchange
  30.06.2017 samsp350 Metapace T-1 Splash Cover
  07.06.2017 refitposoptionlow POS option installation, easy
  09.06.2017 refitposoptionlow POS option installation, easy
  07.06.2017 refitposoptionhigh POS option installation, high
  09.06.2017 refitposoptionhigh POS option installation, high
  07.06.2017 refitposoptionmed POS option installation, medium
  09.06.2017 refitposoptionmed POS option installation, medium
  07.06.2017 refitramlow RAM exchange, easy
  09.06.2017 refitramlow RAM exchange, easy
  07.06.2017 refitrammed RAM exchange, medium
  09.06.2017 refitrammed RAM exchange, medium
  07.06.2017 refitprintextr Refit printer, extreme
  09.06.2017 refitprintextr Refit printer, extreme
  07.06.2017 refitprinthigh Refit printer, high
  09.06.2017 refitprinthigh Refit printer, high
  07.06.2017 refitprintmed Refit printer, medium
  09.06.2017 refitprintmed Refit printer, medium
  22.06.2017 star2002lockkit Replacemend Lock for CB-2002
  07.06.2017 refitscanlow Scanner configuration, low
  09.06.2017 refitscanlow Scanner configuration, low
  07.06.2017 refitscanmed Scanner configuration, medium
  09.06.2017 refitscanmed Scanner configuration, medium
  13.07.2017 idr206 Star MP212FP-24-A
  22.05.2017 etd533 Star printhead
  04.05.2017 BON2266 Star SP542, USB, cutter, dark grey
  04.05.2017 BON2265 Star SP542, USB, cutter, white
  02.05.2017 star37419000 Star spare part
  13.07.2017 star143u-uk Star TSP143IIU ECO, USB, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), cutter, white
  07.06.2017 refitsticker Sticker placement
  09.06.2017 refitsticker Sticker placement
  19.06.2017 tscda200-4 TSC DA200, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), USB, BT (iOS)
  06.06.2017 ttzpclroll Zebra Adhesive cleaning rollers
  12.07.2017 zat16293-1 Zebra battery pack QL-420
  11.07.2017 sytc70holst3 Zebra drop holster
  19.06.2017 symc75holster Zebra fabric holster
  06.06.2017 syrs6000straps Zebra finger straps (10x)
  05.06.2017 tt0578 Zebra i Series colour ribbon, YMCKK
  06.06.2017 symc55n0-5 Zebra MC55N0, 2D, SR, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, QWERTY, ext. bat.
  19.06.2017 sycs30lanyard Zebra Neck lanyard
  16.06.2017 zak18355-6 Zebra power supply zak18355-106
  19.06.2017 mad515 Zebra Power Supply
  02.05.2017 ettprint3 Zebra print server, intern
  07.07.2017 ettzt220wprint Zebra print server, WIFI
  19.06.2017 z105940g-270 Zebra Printhead P100i/P110i/P120i, 8 dots/mm (203dpi)
  15.05.2017 z105934026 Zebra spare part
  19.06.2017 z105912G-009 Zebra spare part
  19.06.2017 z105912G-010 Zebra spare part
  19.06.2017 z105912g-764 Zebra spare part
  21.06.2017 z34901-030m Zebra spare part
  19.06.2017 z105936g-060 Zebra ZXP 8 Contact Encoder and Contactless MIFARE
 You will find more EOL articles in the CSV file.

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