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Corona defense at Jarltech

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
The Department of Public Health has described our concept as »exemplary«, and I receive many inquiries about how we do this. This is really not a trade secret, and perhaps it will help some of you contribute in delaying the infection.

- Our departments are (as much as possible) separated into freshly set-up home offices and presence in the company (with fewer people per room). The Sales department is even divided into three home offices and two office work areas.

- All office floors, the Technical department and the warehouse are divided into five individual insulation sections with no exchange of people, each with its own bathrooms, an assigned smoking area and coffee break area.

- Logistics works in two fixed shifts, with a break in between for the disinfection of equipment and work areas, and so that the shift workers do not meet.

- Employees who have to enter more than one area work with gloves.

- Disinfectants are available everywhere. By the way, there are enough disinfectants available for purchase again, since pharmacies are now allowed to produce them themselves with industrial alcohol. (So don't look in the drugstore or buy overpriced on the internet.)

- There is compulsory hand washing when starting work, a request for frequent hand washing with soap and washing instructions in the bathrooms.

If you separate shifts or departments, please also pay attention to which employees may live together or even be a couple. There is no point in separating departments and then exchanging viruses at night.

If an area is blocked because of a Corona case, the other part can then step in. In case this becomes difficult, negatively tested people they have come in contact with can continue to work with a protective mask, in case of doubt.

The employees are of course asked not to travel, to minimize social contacts, to call in sick at the slightest doubt, and not to shake hands. Meetings that cannot be avoided must be conducted with plenty of space between the participants.

Naturally, all these measures limit us a lot, and the loss of comfort is not nice. Everyone has to participate, not just in the company but also privately. That's asking a lot. But that’s secondary, because we want to keep our employees healthy for as long as possible, continue operations without interruption, and also help to extend the time until the Corona virus infestation.

We hope that we will be successful with these precautionary measures.
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